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Nonbinary artist, programmer, and creative!


punkwasp 📺 267 days ago

Watching Unus Annus compilations because I forgot to take my ADHD meds today and I'm so BORED I can't focus

punkwasp 🙃 269 days ago

getting misgendered sucks

punkwasp 😭 270 days ago

My toxic trait is looking at my website right after a layout change and already wanting to change it again... help

punkwasp 🥰 270 days ago

I appreciate all the people I've met on Neocities so much y'all are so nice and cool and talented aaaaaaaaa

punkwasp 🙃 270 days ago

i am so tired...

punkwasp 💔 286 days ago

It's missing my wife hours... Also I feel like every month my website has a new layout LOL it's been three months and already three layouts

punkwasp 😭 295 days ago

The Minecraft server I was self-hosting for me and my partner broke and I'm mad I just wanna put our Minecraft beds together

punkwasp 🙂 316 days ago

Getting some Art Fight attacks done today :D

punkwasp 🎨 317 days ago

I gotta actually start on my Art Fight attacks today lol, gotta catch up on revenges

punkwasp ✏️ 319 days ago

Gonna try working on an interactive fiction project today.

punkwasp 👀 321 days ago

Trying to subtly convince an old friend from high school to let me help him code a Neocities website LOL

punkwasp 💤 324 days ago

stayed up too late again... also, gonna try to stream tomorrow while i have the house (mostly) to myself

punkwasp ❤️ 325 days ago

Listening to Welcome to Nightvale with my partner and really enjoying it!!!

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