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Nonbinary artist, programmer, and creative!


punkwasp 😎 174 days ago

Finally added a bunch of new pages to my website today!

punkwasp πŸ€’ 176 days ago

feeling very sick today and got a headache that has been resisting pain meds. tested negative for covid tho so idk what's going on

punkwasp πŸ₯° 179 days ago

Signed up for pixel cat's end this weekend and it's literally so fun I'm obsessed

punkwasp πŸ₯° 192 days ago

Hoping to finally finish up the website template I've been working on for my partner soon!

punkwasp πŸ™ƒ 196 days ago

Gonna try to apply for jobs tonight. Wish me luck.

punkwasp πŸ₯° 200 days ago

played wolf quest for the first time and I am obsessed. help

punkwasp 🌈 205 days ago

Friendly reminder that an inaccessible web is not a free web!

punkwasp πŸ™‚ 205 days ago

Finally got around to opening up my coding commissions! Hopefully this goes well haha

punkwasp 🐱 210 days ago

my fiancΓ©e just said i was "assigned catgirl" because I thought I heard her cat meow and I meowed back... lmao

punkwasp 😴 212 days ago

tomorrow is gonna be a lazy day i think

punkwasp 😑 213 days ago

still fucking pissed that the block button on neocities doesn't work properly smh

punkwasp 😎 216 days ago

Beginning work on my grimoire page!

punkwasp πŸ₯³ 218 days ago

PHP isn't as hard as I thought which is pretty cool! I've got a working guestbook and a bookmarks page up now :D

punkwasp πŸ€” 223 days ago

Thinking of trying to learn PHP since my new host allows it but it looks so confusing I have no idea what's going on

punkwasp πŸ₯° 225 days ago

Gonna try and finish the website I'm setting up for my partner soon, I want to be able to share her website!!!

punkwasp πŸ’” 226 days ago

Going through a bit of a tough time rn...

punkwasp 😎 228 days ago

finally learned how to use Filezilla today lmao

punkwasp πŸ₯° 229 days ago

I think I'm gonna play Stardew Valley tonight... or watch One Piece with my wife. Either or.

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