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Nonbinary artist, programmer, and creative!


punkwasp 🎨 18 days ago

I need to upload more art to the site soon...

punkwasp 🥰 25 days ago

Valentine's day is coming soon, I'd better think of something interesting to do for it!

punkwasp 💔 29 days ago

I was looking forward to playing Minecraft with my partner tonight, but she fell asleep before our usual nightly call...

punkwasp 👀 31 days ago

I applied for like 11 jobs today because I had a burst of energy... I better hear back from at least one!

punkwasp 🎨 42 days ago

I need to draw more... damn you, art block...

punkwasp ❄️ 44 days ago

there's a massive winter storm here and apparently we might get flooding on top of the snow? yay i guess?

punkwasp ✨ 45 days ago

Nearly finished editing my site to move it back onto Neocities (and add a now page)!

punkwasp 💔 63 days ago

I think I'm burnt out and I haven't really enjoyed working on my website for a while... idk what to do

punkwasp 🥳 71 days ago

My doctor gave me a referral to a trans-friendly endocrinologist so I can go back on testosterone!!!

punkwasp 🌈 71 days ago

Doctor's appointment today, gonna ask him about going back on HRT while I'm there! Wish me luck!

punkwasp ❄️ 77 days ago

Went out to feed the birds today, ended up just freezing my ass off but I could hear them close by!

punkwasp 🙃 83 days ago

I only now realized that the link to my art commissions on my website was the wrong link... whoops

punkwasp 🥳 88 days ago

I got my first art commission for real money this week!!! Everyone is legally obligated to be proud of me

punkwasp 💔 98 days ago

Feels like I'm making very little progress towards my goals lately, even though I know I'm trying my best...

punkwasp 🌈 112 days ago

Am gonna schedule a doctor's appointment this week to talk about going back on testosterone :3 hopefully he's not weird about it!

punkwasp 🥺 116 days ago

My partner helped talk me through a really bad panic attack last night, I don't know what I'd do without her <3

punkwasp 😭 119 days ago

my partner and I were gonna stream together on Twitch tonight but I think she fell asleep RIP

punkwasp 😎 120 days ago

Finally added a bunch of new pages to my website today!

punkwasp 🤒 122 days ago

feeling very sick today and got a headache that has been resisting pain meds. tested negative for covid tho so idk what's going on

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