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winter, like the season

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pocketbell 🍏 182 days ago

spring has sprung... yesterday I pressed some clovers that grew in my backyard✿ฺ

pocketbell 🙂 218 days ago

saw an old magazine scan that had the hudie watermark...I miss those dayz

pocketbell 🤒 218 days ago

38 days since an update -- I wasn't okay but I'm doing better now

pocketbell 🥱 256 days ago

7:55PM tired and sick

pocketbell ❄️ 260 days ago

oh to be in an open air hot spring while snow falls gently above me....

pocketbell 🫖 260 days ago

I am happiest when I'm submerged in a hot bath..

pocketbell ❤️ 269 days ago

I hope everyone reading had a lovely holiday~ I definitely did but..now I'm so tired hehe

pocketbell 🎤 274 days ago

gettin in da spirit ♪now listening♪ funky glitter Christmas - nmixx

pocketbell 💻 274 days ago

8:47PM waiting for the weekend. in the meantime, work work work

pocketbell 💡 284 days ago

writing this to remind myself to take my b12

pocketbell 😶 297 days ago

I’m so tired of it all

pocketbell 🤒 301 days ago

how do I compete with something that isn't even real..

pocketbell 🫖 302 days ago

apple cobbler and peppermint tea (warmth)

pocketbell 🍙 310 days ago

I want some earmuffs♨︎

pocketbell 🙃 311 days ago

how am I getting sick for the 2nd time in 2 months :--,(

pocketbell 🎶 311 days ago

12:08AM bonjour bonsoir

pocketbell ❄️ 311 days ago

I love it when the weather is cold *feels alive*

pocketbell 🏂 312 days ago

I feel like I am made of glass. I am always braced for impact

pocketbell 🌧️ 315 days ago

good morning. high of 52 today

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