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The 3rd best shark on the Internet


pklucky 🥳 4 days ago

finally getting back to streaming!!

pklucky ✅ 19 days ago

I announced this during last stream, but no streams this week since I gotta clean my house up! I'll see you all (hopefully) next Monday!!!

pklucky 😭 20 days ago

it's disheartening to see the like/dislike ratio on certain people's streams... I understand why it's happening but it still hurts

pklucky 🙃 22 days ago

if i dont get a lot of work on Cycle of Remorse done in the near future, blame Stardew Valley

pklucky 🙂 25 days ago

i try to cross-post my tweets here just so people can read my mircoblog ramblings without having to go onto the cursed x bird site

pklucky 🤔 25 days ago

i will never understand drama channels. I was looking into a certain thing "failing" and like idk man it looks like it was a success to me!!

pklucky 💀 26 days ago

there's a woodpecker that keeps pecking at the sides of my house. my guy!! there's nothing for you there!!!!!

pklucky 😂 29 days ago

rediscovered a talent: i can ALMOST recite "Lemme Smash" word for word. tbf i haven't watched it in a long time, so I'm definitely rusty

pklucky 🤩 29 days ago

I feel like i'm finally starting to figure out how to properly use Da Vinci Resolve! So, you can all expect more edited videos in the future

pklucky 😭 34 days ago

all my oshis are streaming at the same time i cant watch them allllllllll

pklucky 🥱 37 days ago

Not about anyone on neocities but why is it that it's always some small-name rando who wants to start up shit in fandom spaces my god

pklucky 😯 37 days ago

Very surprised to see that a certain game i had my eye on is at a really low price on ebay. Wont say which one just yet. Hoping i get this

pklucky 😭 45 days ago

Hoping the ibuprofen kicks in soon i really wanna stream today

pklucky 😎 48 days ago

gonna reorganize the home page a bit dont mind me

pklucky 🙃 48 days ago

on one hand i wanna get off social media on the other hand i have to promote my livestreams and a personal website alone is not gonna cut it

pklucky 💻 52 days ago

the ssd and ram upgrade for my new laptop are coming in! super excited :D

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