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The 3rd best shark on the Internet


pklucky 😭 86 days ago

Hoping the ibuprofen kicks in soon i really wanna stream today

pklucky 😎 89 days ago

gonna reorganize the home page a bit dont mind me

pklucky 🙃 89 days ago

on one hand i wanna get off social media on the other hand i have to promote my livestreams and a personal website alone is not gonna cut it

pklucky 💻 93 days ago

the ssd and ram upgrade for my new laptop are coming in! super excited :D

pklucky 😭 97 days ago

Kyo kaneko graduating is starting to hit me. I wanna watch the rest of his last stream but im so tired. When i wake up tomorrow he'll be gon

pklucky 💻 98 days ago

gonna take my mind off things and get back to my personal website. social media was a mistake lmao

pklucky 🌧️ 98 days ago

did not mean to use the smiley face for that last status but whatever

pklucky 🙂 98 days ago

feeling lost and out of place. vtubers, fire emblem, self-shipping... their communities feel foreign, hostile, or both right now

pklucky 💔 100 days ago

stepping away from twitter because so much is happening in the vtuber community and my mental health will absolutely tank if i stay

pklucky ❤️ 142 days ago

i bought valentine's day stuff early this year and its been hiding in plain sight for a whole day. my husband has said nothing. I'm a genius

pklucky 😂 165 days ago

my husband is playing through pokemon leafgreen and doesnt know about giovanni being the eighth gym leader oh man he's in for a treat

pklucky 🥰 168 days ago

my husband got me flowers for my birthday!

pklucky 🥺 170 days ago

i... realized why i love Luxiem so much. the bond those guys share remind me of something ive lost. that realization hit me like a truck

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