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phtmkiwami 🤐 82 days ago

it's that time of the year when it's warm enough that everyone starts burning dry grass and it smells like smoke and dust everywhere

phtmkiwami 🙂 101 days ago

trying not to think too hard about the news or the sounds of jets or the rocket warnings on tv

phtmkiwami 😶 132 days ago

wow it's been a while since i used this site... things have been pretty mundane so far this year, i'm kinda just going with the flow

phtmkiwami 💀 168 days ago

i saw a bootleg silver the hedgehog plushie in a mall today and i'm mad i didn't take a photo of it

phtmkiwami ✨ 176 days ago

can you believe it guys? 2024, just 2 days, 10 hours and 14 minutes away!

phtmkiwami 🤒 187 days ago

it's hard to get back into the swing of things after being sick and lethargic

phtmkiwami 🤖 188 days ago

happy 36th annuversary to meg of man

phtmkiwami ☀️ 198 days ago

there was a really nice sunrise today... a phone camera can't do it justice though

phtmkiwami 📚 200 days ago

finally got home from the exam! feeling exhausted but i'm happy to finally be able to leave that behind me

phtmkiwami 💤 200 days ago

sooooooo eepy but i need to study for an exam tomorrow...

phtmkiwami 💤 203 days ago

feeling introspective but unable to act on it because it's midnight and my brain is going sleep mode

phtmkiwami ❄️ 205 days ago

(kevin mccallister image) Tomorrow is December 1st

phtmkiwami 📱 208 days ago

i think i have an addiction to youtube as background noise

phtmkiwami 🌧️ 213 days ago

the weather wrecking havoc on my blood pressure

phtmkiwami 🧀 215 days ago

i crave cheese leon

phtmkiwami 💡 217 days ago

on another note: i like sitting in my room in the dark illuminated only by a single lamppost outside. i enjoy

phtmkiwami 🙂 217 days ago

due to sickness was kinda doing nothing this week except playing touhou and ace attorney, but i'm pretty much recovered by now

phtmkiwami 🤒 222 days ago

yayyyyy i loooove being sick

phtmkiwami 🥱 223 days ago

kinda hate how dark outside it's now when i have to wake up, it really messes with my biological clock

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