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phtmkiwami 🥱 257 days ago

another weekend of lying in bed being bored

phtmkiwami 💤 258 days ago

not really used to going to sleep slightly earlier just because i don't have anything planned, but i guess more sleep is always good

phtmkiwami ✨ 260 days ago

y'know, i think when i inevitably move to the city i'm gonna miss being able to open the window at night and see more than a few stars

phtmkiwami 🎮 261 days ago

just finished playing the last case of ace attorney: justice for all... i can summarize it in 2 words, those words being Holy Shit

phtmkiwami 🙂 263 days ago

it's one of those days when you feel bored and understimulated but too familiar with everything so you just scroll social media endlessly

phtmkiwami 😶 266 days ago

while doing groceries today i noticed they're already selling santa hats. it's november 1st

phtmkiwami 😶 270 days ago

had my first dentist appointment in a looooong time today, it was fine

phtmkiwami 🙂 272 days ago

i love late autumm (lying)

phtmkiwami 💤 277 days ago

went to bed at 9 pm yesterday and feeling very groggy now

phtmkiwami 🥱 278 days ago

it's cold and yucky outside and i'm so bored out of my mind confined in the 4 walls of my room

phtmkiwami 🌧️ 279 days ago

i always feel fatigued on rainy days, and today's one such day

phtmkiwami 🎬 282 days ago

watched kiki's delivery service yesterday... who could've guessed that one of the most iconic animated films is indeed a great experience

phtmkiwami 🎶 286 days ago

i love dnb/jungle so much... it's like revitalizing balm for my soul after a long day

phtmkiwami 🌧️ 289 days ago

it's been pretty quiet... the routine of home-school-home has settled in. the weather's been cold and murky too

phtmkiwami 🎮 296 days ago

started playing Kurukuru Kururin, a 2001 gba game about a little bird piloting a propeller it's very cute! it's kicking my ass though

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