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pepper ☕️ 8 days ago

drinkin COFFEE

pepper 💤 32 days ago

just chillinnn

pepper 🙂 43 days ago

had fun but i am so ready to be home

pepper 🌈 44 days ago

i keep hallucinating

pepper 🙂 54 days ago

about to go on VACAYTION

pepper 🙂 63 days ago

i fucking love coding

pepper 😴 97 days ago

3x college dropout lollll

pepper 🤐 119 days ago

school is so stressful AAAA

pepper 😶 153 days ago

already overwhelmed by school lol

pepper 🎨 166 days ago

in person classes start tmrw... scaredexcited

pepper 💡 175 days ago

on the last day of 2023 i got a lit mag acceptance yay

pepper 🌈 179 days ago

when i dont work on my site for a while, that's how i know im deeply depressed

pepper 🌈 191 days ago

man its been a while

pepper 🌈 207 days ago

new tattoo tomorrow

pepper 🌈 209 days ago

new, more mobile friendly homepage published

pepper 🙂 211 days ago

i gotta stop drinking 6 cups of coffee per day

pepper 👽 230 days ago

nanowrimo time! at 13k right now

pepper 😴 239 days ago

accomplished 👍

pepper 👽 239 days ago

working on a "fun" little twine game

pepper 👽 242 days ago

shld be working on my site to-do list but am making random shrines again instead

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