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pepper 💤 276 days ago

i got covid :(

pepper 👽 278 days ago

"submitting" my """writing""" to magazines is "exhausting"

pepper 🙂 279 days ago

1 month until my ancient special interest releases new content...

pepper 👽 280 days ago

i said "kind of an epic fail" out loud to someone yesterday

pepper 🙂 284 days ago

my toxic trait is i always accidentally make food too spicy

pepper 👽 289 days ago

i will literally do anything to procrastinate on writing

pepper 🙂 291 days ago

i am out here doing both artfight and camp nano

pepper 🙂 293 days ago

must finish b5 shrine page desperately

pepper 🙂 295 days ago

new website goofin

pepper 🌈 320 days ago

transgender gay love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pepper 🎶 329 days ago

cannot wait to see bloc party next month.....

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