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If you were to tell a story
how would it go?
Would I be in it?
Yes or no?

It feels like springtime in my mind

It feels like summer all the time


peasized 😡 15 hours ago

buns are so mid compared to dumplings like 🙄

peasized 💀 4 days ago

revisiting fleet foxes because of hunter biden

peasized 🤔 5 days ago

wanting new kitten……. perhaps a boy….. named monkey…… siamese type so he can sing with his sister….

peasized 😯 11 days ago


peasized 😯 12 days ago

tonight, rat poison for dinner! pull the cord from the phone, i am dining alone

peasized 🥰 19 days ago

young thug is cute

peasized 🙂 28 days ago

dying to watch longlegs

peasized 💀 38 days ago

it’s kinda funny how when there’s a tornado ppl keep driving like nothing is happening

peasized 😱 46 days ago

the uncle from persona 4 is sexy with it…

peasized 💀 49 days ago

got back on tiktok and there are people saying that “they” launched a sun simulator after the eclipse… ok……

peasized 😛 55 days ago

i love dupes. i love bootlegs. i love pirating. free and cheap. i love it.

peasized ✨ 60 days ago

te tengo todo pa mi 🫶🫶🫶🫶 estoy segura que no te quieres ir 🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶

peasized 😡 61 days ago

help i NEED tickets to blood brothers reunion

peasized ❤️ 72 days ago

thankful to be in the same timeline as fireflies 🩷

peasized 🌱 76 days ago

fate is a cruel snake with bitter herbs and spices….

peasized 🤔 80 days ago

how are you gonna freak out about the concept of ethical cannibalism but eat ur placenta 🤔

peasized 🙂 81 days ago

wedding planning is funnnnn. time to be one of THOSE ppl >:-)

peasized 🧐 82 days ago

laughing cuz i made a bunch of accounts around the same time exeter came out and they’re all related to songs -every moment special -

peasized 😎 83 days ago

got engaged today 🤪

peasized 🙂 87 days ago

stopmotion best horror movie in a fat minute!!!

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