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If you were to tell a story
how would it go?
Would I be in it?
Yes or no?

It feels like springtime in my mind

It feels like summer all the time


peasized ❤️ 64 days ago

love on the spectrum is so cute lol

peasized 🥰 71 days ago

siempre a tu lado estareeeeeeeeee

peasized 😭 84 days ago

kendall is finally smiling.. but at what cost

peasized 🙂 86 days ago

new addiction this year is power wash simulator

peasized 😯 321 days ago

glad i didn’t like succession the first time i watched it because now i can binge and i love it. kendall i can fix u

peasized 🤔 322 days ago

you can’t make an omelette without breaking some dicks

peasized 🙂 323 days ago

growing up you were either shaped by sponge bob or homestar runner

peasized 👽 327 days ago

idk if i believe in aliens more than ghost but i feel like they correlate somehow

peasized 🐱 336 days ago

i love my cats so much

peasized 😱 343 days ago

didn’t know tanghulu would be so freakin good

peasized 👽 344 days ago

want to get shrunk down as tiny as a bacteria and crawl all over you

peasized 🙂 411 days ago

mcdonald french fry… epic….

peasized 😯 455 days ago

idc if you are wearing vintage designer, you look foolish… but at the same time you are brave and i admire you…

peasized 💀 460 days ago

prozac dream: my mom had an affair with my uncle (dads brother) and i freaked out and yelled at her

peasized 💔 468 days ago

xiu xiu the sent down girl

peasized 🤖 468 days ago

watching eraserhead at work

peasized 😯 470 days ago

i’ve got secret compartments in my mind 😳

peasized 😂 470 days ago

laughing bc we naturally always circle back to talking about blue archive literally every day in my little discord group

peasized 🥰 475 days ago

meeting internet friends is the best

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