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k ! ♡ otoge, shoujo, and yeonjun.


pacify 🍦 536 days ago

stop eating so quickly @ myself

pacify ✅ 539 days ago

cleaned, played guitar, doodled... now just wanna play video games

pacify ❄️ 539 days ago

it snowed and being outside in the snow sucks but inside is the best

pacify 🤔 541 days ago

it snowed but it melted

pacify 💤 544 days ago

sleepy after a hectic week

pacify ✅ 547 days ago

been helping unpack and never seen so much boxes in my life. my back is aching

pacify 💻 550 days ago

wanting to try my hand at 3d art but looking at what programs to start with

pacify 🍦 551 days ago

tummy hurts because lactose. i keep punishing myself

pacify 💀 552 days ago

had an injury on my hand, banged the same finger because an idiot

pacify 💔 552 days ago

distraught over finishing basara, it's my new personality now

pacify 🍱 554 days ago

ate so much the last three days

pacify 📚 556 days ago

also basara is amazing. the fact i didn't read it sooner is a crime

pacify 📚 559 days ago

been binging the hana yori dori manga and wow, it's so melodramatic

pacify 🎷 559 days ago

the weekend but work first

pacify 😱 560 days ago

i'm alive

pacify 🌱 563 days ago

tuesday already

pacify 😶 563 days ago

i get so distracted easily

pacify 💾 563 days ago

my eyes hurt so taking a break

pacify 🙃 563 days ago

head aching

pacify ✨ 565 days ago

took a fat nap

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