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eden ! ♡ otoge, shoujo, magical girls, yeonjun and my cherub. 🔪🌸


pacify 💀 9 days ago

back from hell

pacify 😴 53 days ago

so tired. been enjoying sugar rush ride and playing it on repeat

pacify 🥳 68 days ago

been reading a lot

pacify ❤️ 79 days ago

been using my hobonichi and almost forgot my status account. but hello world

pacify 🥳 84 days ago

got to work tomorrow for new year's eve

pacify 🍾 90 days ago

merry christmas

pacify 🤔 91 days ago

my leg hurts still

pacify 🌧️ 91 days ago

couldn't go to work because the roads were icy. didn't help i already slipped on wednesday and thursday

pacify 🎨 99 days ago

anatomy studies is FUN

pacify 💻 100 days ago

got a thocc keyboard and it sounds amazing typing on it

pacify ✏️ 102 days ago

when you forget how to write

pacify 🥱 104 days ago

want to take a fat nap already

pacify 💤 107 days ago

need to sleep...

pacify 🥹 108 days ago

getting a tattoo tomorrow!

pacify 😴 109 days ago

had a nightmare. hate it

pacify ✅ 110 days ago

getting so much shit done and it's not even halfway through the day

pacify 🍦 110 days ago

stop eating so quickly @ myself

pacify ✅ 113 days ago

cleaned, played guitar, doodled... now just wanna play video games

pacify ❄️ 114 days ago

it snowed and being outside in the snow sucks but inside is the best

pacify 🤔 115 days ago

it snowed but it melted

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