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Helloooooo! My name is Elliot. I'm a male NEET from America, trying my best to make a functioning website (unfortunately, it is not going well).


oleander πŸ“š 28 days ago

set up my "linjou" blog

oleander 🌈 31 days ago

i'm making friends guys, slowly but surely

oleander 🎲 31 days ago

i'm almost 18 guys i can feel it in my bones

oleander 🌱 35 days ago

Making the site anew. I am a god, I can craft it with my bare hands

oleander 🍺 113 days ago

everything is broken

oleander ✨ 113 days ago

Hey guys I'm thinking of moving my site / redoing it so be wary of changes

oleander 😢 113 days ago

a kalos pokemon game? ?? in 2024???? well, 2025, but... i'm so excited

oleander 🎨 130 days ago

lots of drawing, guys

oleander πŸŒ™ 137 days ago

sorry for very few updates to site, persona 3 reload came out

oleander 🌧️ 141 days ago

obsidian is such a good application

oleander 🎲 144 days ago

β€œAn intelligent man cannot become anything seriously, and it is only the fool who becomes anything.” ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, NftU

oleander πŸ™ƒ 146 days ago

NVM no contacts for me, too much anxiety with... putting stuff in my eyes

oleander πŸ‘€ 146 days ago

getting contacts

oleander 🎲 147 days ago

to the webmaster of memer.online : was it u who sent me the discord friend request? i went to bed at 4pm so i didn’t get it in time D:

oleander πŸ’» 149 days ago

I want more neocities people to be my friends ): I really like site-building

oleander 🎨 149 days ago

Lots of art this year. Going well.

oleander 🀩 152 days ago


oleander πŸ‘€ 174 days ago

I've got a plan for the new site... stay tuned

oleander ✏️ 184 days ago

New conlang soon

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