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Oh god how did this get in here I am not good with computer


nynasunner 😭 14 hours ago

Tumblr is sending me Guy Fieri ASCIIs?? Why????

nynasunner 🥰 6 days ago

The hoarding bugs from Lethal Company and I have made peace; now I too love the stupid cuddle bugs <3

nynasunner 😭 12 days ago

How can gobv websites be so awful bruh I had to get an appointment on my mother's work pc because the site didn't work on any of my browsers

nynasunner 🌱 15 days ago

My mother brought a ginkgo leaf and I got to infodump about them, they're such cool trees

nynasunner 😡 16 days ago

Seething and malding (a character I like that's often misunderstood got misunderstood again)

nynasunner 🛹 19 days ago


nynasunner 💔 21 days ago

FL Studio won't open any projects that I haven't made myself bruh

nynasunner 🎶 22 days ago

Turns out that doing my hobbies for a little while actually makes me more productive, I've managed to get a lot done after making some music

nynasunner ⛳️ 23 days ago

Made a friend fall into Sims modding hell oops

nynasunner 💀 27 days ago

Spent the whole evening deleting screenshots and only went from 18000 to 17000 bruh

nynasunner 🍏 29 days ago

Trying to find videos of the Pikotaro concert we went to years ago but they're all corrupted, rip :(

nynasunner 😭 30 days ago

Trying to read a novelization fanfic but the timeline is completely wrong and it irks me so much. First world problem moment

nynasunner 🥳 33 days ago


nynasunner 💤 34 days ago

Watched The Amazing Digital Circus and got bored as hell, idk what the fuss is all about. The main theme is nice tho

nynasunner 🙃 37 days ago

My father has the superpower of making every train he rides be delayed for several hours. I hope he makes it back before midnight

nynasunner 🤔 38 days ago

Someone's trying to make an OpenAI account with my main email and it's flooding my inbox with verification requests

nynasunner 😭 40 days ago

Need to fight the urge to get into FFXIV, my productivity is already almost nonexistent please...

nynasunner 🧐 42 days ago

Thracia 776 brainrot is so real that I have yet to find a single fan of the game that isn't completely and utterly obsessed with it

nynasunner ❤️ 43 days ago

It's been 24 hours since my friends gave me my (late) bday present and I haven't stopped smiling like an idiot since, I love them so much <3

nynasunner 🌧️ 45 days ago

It's finally raining after so many months of drought! The wind nearly knocked down my mother's lettuce pot, though

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