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Oh god how did this get in here I am not good with computer


nynasunner 🌱 3 days ago


nynasunner 🛹 13 days ago

Completely lost the motivation to work in my site but at least now I'm doing something by making Toyhouse codes for my friends

nynasunner ❄️ 16 days ago

It's so cold outside, wdym it's July already...

nynasunner 🙃 21 days ago

I swear every time I see the term """neurospicy""" I get the urge to tear down a wall with my bare hands. So fucking degrading.

nynasunner 🚄 33 days ago

Little John wanted to renovate his 1m² apartment. He wielded a frame from galvanized square steel and secured it to the wall using screws bo

nynasunner 💀 47 days ago

Qué puto calor hace de repente

nynasunner 🧐 56 days ago

Why are people surprised about 123guestbook shutting down? It's a super dated free tool from 2005 lol of course it's not gonna last forever

nynasunner 🍏 58 days ago

A budgie snuck into the kitchen so until the owner shows up I guess I have a pet bird for now

nynasunner 🌱 61 days ago

Born to play Minecraft, forced to make SQL queries exercises

nynasunner 🔥 63 days ago

Damn why do Stuck Inside rips go so hard

nynasunner 🤩 65 days ago

Going feral (<- wants to read more dead dove fanfiction)

nynasunner 🙃 71 days ago

Why does Lumera have 3 alts when she isn't even playable?? Meanwhile my man Finn appears in 2 whole games and only has one alt...

nynasunner 🤒 72 days ago

Allergies kicking my ass ough coughh ouggghhhhh

nynasunner ✏️ 76 days ago

Imagine actually being able to write and communicate your thoughts like a normal person, couldn't be me

nynasunner 💀 79 days ago

Forgot to wear a mask while removing paint and fungus from the ceiling yesterday. My lungs feel itchy

nynasunner 🔥 83 days ago

Still in FE4 hell, now featuring old man yaoi that's making me so soft I wanna tear everything down and go feral

nynasunner 😭 85 days ago

All my headphones are broken bruh

nynasunner ☀️ 92 days ago

Trying not to get obsessed with Sky: Children of the Light and failing miserably

nynasunner 🤔 99 days ago

I wanna read the Dungeon Meshi manga but I'm watching the anime with friends and I don't want to see the rest without them

nynasunner 💤 107 days ago

I hate daylight savings I hate daylight savings I hate daylight savings (I forgot to set the alarm to daylight savings time and overslept)

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