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Oh god how did this get in here I am not good with computer


nynasunner 🥺 98 days ago

If we don't get the FE4 remake this next Nintendo Direct I'll fuckingm explode (I'm on my hands and knees begging)

nynasunner 👀 108 days ago

Nintendo Direct announcement tonite? Nintendo Direct announcement tonite queen?

nynasunner 🎮 109 days ago

Played the whole Lonely Wolf Treat series, now I too want a gentle wolf gf...

nynasunner 💻 114 days ago

Want to buy a better GPU just so I can play Palworld without having to take breaks waiting for it to cool down

nynasunner ❤️ 118 days ago

Cheat Engine my beloved (cheated in thousands of cakes in Palworld so I don't have to grind for them ever again)

nynasunner 😭 120 days ago


nynasunner 🤖 124 days ago

This is a message from Lord Nergal. 'I await you on the Dread Isle'.

nynasunner 🙃 126 days ago

"If you want to see this site buy a computer lol" why don't you learn basic css instead of being hostile to people who can't afford a pc

nynasunner 🤔 129 days ago

Feeling cute, might pick up database administration classes

nynasunner 🔥 132 days ago

Please vote Sigurd or Leif for CYL8! vote8.campaigns.fire-emblem-heroes.com/en-US/

nynasunner 😡 133 days ago

Bootstrap my beloathed

nynasunner 🍙 137 days ago

Man, raising a perfect tamagotchi is harder than it seems, wdym I have to turn the lights off BEFORE it goes to sleep??

nynasunner 🌈 141 days ago

Replaced the snowy taiga biome from our Minecraft base, now it's all cherry blossoms and it's SO PINK from above

nynasunner 💔 146 days ago

Feeling so unmotivated lately oughhh

nynasunner 🔥 154 days ago

Exploring the Nether in Minecraft is way worse than what I remembered damn. Basalt deltas my beloathed

nynasunner 🥺 160 days ago

Found a character playlist and went "wow this is so corny" but it ended up inspiring me to write a fanfiction about said character bruv

nynasunner 🍔 166 days ago

Torturing my friends by forcing them to play the Discord cooking game until they beg for mercy

nynasunner 🤔 170 days ago

Sometimes I worry that the stories I make in The Sims are too deranged but then I ask my friend about hers and they're also effed up lmao

nynasunner 👽 172 days ago

Trying really hard to fight the urge to play the sims and completely failing </3

nynasunner 😭 177 days ago

Tumblr is sending me Guy Fieri ASCIIs?? Why????

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