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nuge 🤐 3 days ago

What to do, what to write?

nuge 🌧️ 11 days ago

Rain and tears...

nuge 🤐 12 days ago

No more foodies.

nuge 👀 14 days ago

Gimme money

nuge 😭 17 days ago

It's done! It's all DONE! Holiday, here I come!!!

nuge 🥹 20 days ago

Come on, you can do it!

nuge ✨ 26 days ago

Managing your emotions is like taking hold of the universe in the palm of your hand.

nuge ☕️ 29 days ago

Coffee when working; coffee when not working.

nuge 🍔 36 days ago

Had a talk with my dad.

nuge 🥰 38 days ago

IDFC I'll do what I love.

nuge 🔥 39 days ago

Only 2 weeks before the semester's holiday. Let's power through it!

nuge 😭 42 days ago

Shifted knee, broken charger, and broken ukulele's strings, what else?

nuge 🥱 49 days ago

My soul is tired

nuge 🔥 50 days ago

Time to help teaching!

nuge 🌈 51 days ago

Feeling great and better.

nuge 🤔 55 days ago

I've done all of my assignments — and still feeling a little bit down...

nuge 😡 56 days ago

Who TF burns trash beside somebody else' house?

nuge 📚 57 days ago

Going to teach todayyy

nuge 🥰 58 days ago

I am grateful for today. What a productive day!

nuge 🙂 62 days ago

Just normal everyday stuff; nothing much...

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