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nuge 💔 10 days ago

When you're happy, knows that you'll be sad...

nuge 🙂 11 days ago

a week's holiday is coming!

nuge ✨ 14 days ago

Feelin goofy and happy

nuge 🤒 16 days ago

My knee shifted and folded when I fell. Fuckin hurt!

nuge 🤖 23 days ago

It do be like that sometimes...

nuge 💔 27 days ago

Relapse... I'm just the worst!

nuge 📖 28 days ago

Brave New World is something else...

nuge 🥱 29 days ago

Tomorrow? Another day of college...

nuge 🤐 32 days ago

3 hours before submission...

nuge 🌧️ 32 days ago

So saddddd

nuge ✨ 35 days ago

Can't believe I'm saying this: I got a job interview!

nuge 🤒 36 days ago

Please, just stop with the sore throat already :(

nuge ☀️ 37 days ago

The weather looks majestic today <3

nuge 🙂 37 days ago

Getting a little bit better now!

nuge 🤒 38 days ago

My saliva is so bitter. Can't have the luxury to enjoy foods!

nuge 🤒 39 days ago

They needle me up

nuge 🤒 40 days ago

My body is soo warm and I cough a lot!

nuge 💡 41 days ago

Yes, using Kanban really helps!

nuge ☀️ 41 days ago

It's soo fuckingg hottt

nuge 🔥 42 days ago

Powering through these papers like they aint shit

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