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Just another random person on the Internet. Maybe interesting, maybe not.


nuedge 💔 53 days ago

Why doesn’t she reply?

nuedge 💤 56 days ago

Need some rest

nuedge ✏️ 58 days ago

Writing the draft for an actual letter... It’s weird, but I’ve already bought the stamp.

nuedge 🤔 58 days ago

Not sure about a lot of things, unfortunately.

nuedge 🫖 60 days ago

It’s the first time I manage not to drink alcohol while my friends do. Yay!

nuedge 🌈 64 days ago

Finally some sun after all that rain!

nuedge 💀 65 days ago

0% right now

nuedge 🤔 66 days ago

How am I supposed to pass tomorrow’s exam if I haven’t been mentally able to study for days?

nuedge 🎶 66 days ago

I want Melbourne Bounce to be relevant again

nuedge 💤 67 days ago

I can’t seem to focus on anything right now...

nuedge 😱 70 days ago

I don’t want to be consumed by angst.

nuedge 🥹 72 days ago

Waking up with a good mood is something I wasn’t ready for. It’s quite nice, to be fair!

nuedge ✏️ 72 days ago

“Obsessing over possible outcomes is just a way of fueling anxiety”. I have to remember this!

nuedge 💻 72 days ago

The productivity feature on Windows 10’s Clock app saved my day from procrastination and distractions.

nuedge 😱 74 days ago

I need to keep calm.

nuedge 📖 79 days ago

Finally, some focus!

nuedge 💀 80 days ago

I may have too little time for my classes. I’m in trouble.

nuedge 💻 80 days ago

Duplicati is a nice addition to my hoarding toolset.

nuedge 📚 81 days ago

Holiday season is completely over by now. Maybe I should focus more.

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