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nuedge πŸ“š 1 day ago

New school?

nuedge πŸ“š 39 days ago

I wish I could have the mental strength to study.

nuedge πŸ™ƒ 87 days ago

Now it’s better.

nuedge πŸ’€ 93 days ago

Please, get out of my head

nuedge πŸ’» 97 days ago

LaTeX-pilling my friend

nuedge πŸ€” 112 days ago

Now what to do next?

nuedge πŸ™ƒ 112 days ago

Berlusconi πŸ¦€πŸ¦€πŸ¦€

nuedge πŸ₯± 119 days ago


nuedge 🎢 120 days ago

Listening to Jean-Michel Jarre.

nuedge β˜€οΈ 122 days ago

Weather update: I’m melting already

nuedge πŸ’» 123 days ago

Lemmy, here I come

nuedge β˜€οΈ 127 days ago

Wow, this is starting to feel warmer than necessary.

nuedge 😢 131 days ago

Just breatheβ€Ό

nuedge πŸ™‚ 133 days ago

I’m fine

nuedge πŸ₯± 134 days ago

I hope to rebalance my sleeping schedule.

nuedge 🌧️ 153 days ago

Weather update: it’s raining

nuedge 🧐 154 days ago

45 days to prepare

nuedge πŸ™‚ 160 days ago


nuedge πŸ₯° 165 days ago

Waiting for Saturday

nuedge πŸ€” 168 days ago

Will I ever be able to focus again?

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