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Hi, I'm nonkiru!


nonkiru ☀️ 6 days ago

i tried archery for the first time today and its really fun!!

nonkiru 🔥 6 days ago


nonkiru 🥳 19 days ago

Just finished the limit break 70 SCH quest in FF11 and it was SO good!! I can't stop thinking about Schultz...

nonkiru ✨ 21 days ago

New blog post about Minecraft!! I've been having so much fun lately with the game.

nonkiru ✨ 22 days ago

Fixed my 2023 art page with fancybox, now that 100 image page is about 8mb!

nonkiru 💡 24 days ago

Added an OC directory to my website!!

nonkiru 😭 27 days ago

Extremely stressed out today...

nonkiru 🥳 30 days ago

New FFXIV update is so much fun!!

nonkiru 🌈 32 days ago

Did a soft re-do of the layout of my site; it's not a huge difference but it's one I'm happy with!

nonkiru 🎮 38 days ago

helping a friend with thordan unreal and it sure is going!

nonkiru ❤️ 40 days ago

Finally got around to updating the CSS for my page here! It's simple but cute.

nonkiru 😡 41 days ago

I feel like Sisyphus right now with trying to make freezeframe.js work with relative positioning.

nonkiru 🙃 43 days ago

big shocker but. taking a break every 20 minutes to do hand stretches has, surprisingly, made my hands feel a LOT better

nonkiru 🥳 47 days ago

Cleared P12SP1. Excited for P2! (FFXIV)

nonkiru 🎨 49 days ago

I think I went a bit hard on this commission because ouch my hands.

nonkiru 😭 50 days ago

tummy hurts. will i make it...?

nonkiru 🥳 51 days ago

IM SO PROUD OF MYSELF i upgraded my CPU cooler from the stock one to a new fan and now my idle temperatures are no longer 70C <3 (theyre 30)

nonkiru ✏️ 52 days ago

Wrote my first blog post about savage in FFXIV!

nonkiru ❤️ 53 days ago

helped my gf (zombiejynx) with her website. it made me really happy...!!

nonkiru 🥰 58 days ago

i got my first binder today, i am really happy!!

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