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Hello, I'm nonkiru!
I hope you have a nice day (๑>◡<๑)


nonkiru ✨ 5 days ago

sunburn ouchie

nonkiru 😭 12 days ago

i keep starting new layouts and not finishing them!!! i get half-way through and then i go "hm. dont like this anymore :("

nonkiru ✏️ 16 days ago

very slowly gaining back motivation for creative stuff!

nonkiru 🌈 23 days ago

back to working on new layout!

nonkiru 🌈 27 days ago

haven't worked on my website in a bit; bad RSI in my hand & ffxiv 6.3

nonkiru 💤 34 days ago

goodnight internet! ive been working hard on my new layout, im excited to share it with everyone once it's all done!!

nonkiru ✨ 35 days ago

silly little drawings make me happy!!

nonkiru 🤔 36 days ago

thinking of making a new layout...

nonkiru 🌈 37 days ago

happy late new year! ive been thinking about completely disconnecting from social media outside of neocities & tumblr... social media cringe

nonkiru ✏️ 39 days ago

wish my art was cuter... atm it doesn't feel like 100% me ;; but im worried if i try to change it, it won't feel like me anymore

nonkiru 🙃 41 days ago

looks like has gone down, some of my images are broken...

nonkiru 🥱 53 days ago

constantly busy with commissions...

nonkiru ❤️ 58 days ago

sewing is SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

nonkiru 😱 63 days ago

thunder VERY loud and VERY scary!!

nonkiru 🌧️ 63 days ago

thunder scary...

nonkiru ☕️ 63 days ago

today is SUCH a gender day...

nonkiru ✏️ 65 days ago

commissions are hard work but fun work!

nonkiru 🎮 71 days ago

i caught 3 shiny pokémon today im so happy!! i got a slither wing, dratini and a murkrow!!

nonkiru 🥳 72 days ago

i finished the pokédex in scarlet!! this is the first time i've ever finished the pokédex i am so happy!!! ૮꒰ ˊᗜˋ ꒱ა

nonkiru 🥳 72 days ago

got accepted into my first webring & i spruced up my profile here!! today is a good day ⸜(˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝

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