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Hi, I'm nonkiru!


nonkiru 🙂 71 days ago

11ty my beloved ... i shall make a website with you yet ...

nonkiru 😱 115 days ago

watched saw II with my friends today!! i prefer the 1st one a little more but they're both really cool :3

nonkiru 😱 116 days ago

watched the first saw movie with 2 of my best buddies!! it was a lot of fun hanging out with them, and the movie was super cool too!!

nonkiru 🥳 116 days ago

ive written out a guide on how to make your first website for someone 100% new to coding! i just need to edit it and go over it a few times!

nonkiru 🌈 118 days ago

made my first F2U layout!! :3 feel free to check it out, im super proud of it!!

nonkiru ✏️ 118 days ago

kinda feel like making some preset layouts for anyone to use...

nonkiru 🥰 119 days ago

yippee new layout! it's still a WIP but im excited to work on it more tomorrow...!!

nonkiru 👀 159 days ago

new hyperfixation: fear & hunger 2

nonkiru 🎮 166 days ago

watched a friend play ghost trick, it was fun!

nonkiru 🙃 167 days ago

parents dont be transphobic to my girlfriend challenge (100% failure rate)

nonkiru 😶 169 days ago

p11s is a lot better than p10s that's for sure

nonkiru 🌙 173 days ago

goodnight, tamanotchi

nonkiru 🌈 208 days ago

migraine :3

nonkiru 🥳 238 days ago

FINALLY got the BLM rod from P8S. only took 86 days after the tier came out

nonkiru 😴 241 days ago

punished for being a sleepy baby...

nonkiru ❤️ 246 days ago

thinkin' bout how much i love my dearest darlingest girlfriend...

nonkiru 🥳 254 days ago

24 hour long migraine let's go! (pwease hewp me...)

nonkiru 😴 256 days ago

the anaemia overtakes me... i have slept SO much

nonkiru 🥳 259 days ago

lots of commissions!! ^w^

nonkiru 🥰 261 days ago

oh neat, new CSM chapter has a devil that one of my OCs is contracted with! dats pretty cool :D

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