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hiiiiiii i just wanna get some thoughts out here


nitwatt 💻 18 hours ago

virtual animals makin me learn css by force

nitwatt 🙃 1 day ago

wanna talk about neopets with people but the forums scare me and i don't like discord. social anxiety is so fun

nitwatt 😴 2 days ago

pretty tired yet very awake

nitwatt 🐱 5 days ago

caved and logged into neopets again. gettin overwhelmed again but maybe i can stick with it this time?

nitwatt 😡 7 days ago

floorp i swear if u keep crashing on me like this imma switch back to librewolf

nitwatt 💔 7 days ago

shame i never got to experience the original splatoon....but then again i mainly like salmon run so. idk

nitwatt 🤩 8 days ago

man if i could learn how to make cgi pictures that look straight out of the 90s that would be wicked

nitwatt 💻 11 days ago

i think my deck wants me to reboot, or at least close the browser, but i don't wannaaaaaaa

nitwatt 🔥 11 days ago

can this dude just die already i'm done fearing for my life every time he does something stupid

nitwatt 🙃 13 days ago

i don't really like the state i live in but my family seem intent on staying here for some reason

nitwatt 👽 16 days ago

why are so many kde plasma themes so samey and boring? do people not want whimsy in their lives anymore???

nitwatt 🧋 17 days ago

i am just looking for any reason to have a smoothie aren't i? banana-milk-fruity pebbles smoothie? why not?

nitwatt 💻 19 days ago

i figured a thing out!!!! i am so smart!! S.M.R.T!

nitwatt 💻 22 days ago

thank u steam deck for reminding me how fun linux is

nitwatt 🤩 25 days ago

the amount of money i spent on two plushies is ridiculous but i've been wanting them for a long time ok?

nitwatt 😭 29 days ago

annoyed at no option to use the 12 hour format for time on the 2ds. like it's not that hard to figure out 24 hour but still...

nitwatt ☀️ 30 days ago

rearranged my room and now it feels much less crowded than it used to be

nitwatt 🧋 30 days ago

experimenting with making new drinks with the blender, just can't get enough of that liquid~

nitwatt 💤 31 days ago

i don't wanna know about anything going on anymore, no one tell me anything, ignorance is bliss

nitwatt 🙃 31 days ago

donating is not enough i need to be allowed to kill the people causing this mess

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