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hiiiiiii i just wanna get some thoughts out here


nitwatt ✈️ 1 day ago

wonder if i can pressure my family into moving to canada cause the us scares me

nitwatt 👀 22 days ago

i feel like i was meant to live in a populated city, not a rural area where i only talk to the same two people most of the time

nitwatt 💻 31 days ago

youtube being stupid is a good way to make me go 'OH NO MY JAMS' and panic download stuff

nitwatt 🥰 37 days ago

nvm got back into neopets in time i feel better now~

nitwatt 🙃 38 days ago

basically locked myself out of my neopets account right when i was gonna get a grey cybunny potion i am. feeling so great rn.

nitwatt ✈️ 38 days ago

about to panic myself to death, things will be ok right?

nitwatt 🤐 39 days ago

listen, i'm weak ok? if i have to fight someone to stay alive i'd rather just kill myself ok?

nitwatt 🤩 62 days ago

man rss feeds are great i should have used them more in the first place

nitwatt 🎮 68 days ago

should i even bother ever trying to make a video game anymore or should i just write a webcomic or something instead

nitwatt 🐶 68 days ago

i should catch up on neopets lore some of that stuff gets wild

nitwatt ✏️ 69 days ago

references? who needs that i'll just keep drawing it until it doesn't look weird

nitwatt 🎮 70 days ago

i think i should find an online game to get into or something, feelin rather lonely...

nitwatt 🤔 71 days ago

so it turns out waffles and pancakes actually use different batter

nitwatt 💻 73 days ago

i should, uh, actually use my nekoweb account to actually make a website huh

nitwatt 🤩 76 days ago

u know ur really an adult when ur excited about getting a new desktop chair today

nitwatt 💀 77 days ago

thought moving from desk to bed would help my back problems but i think it's just how i sit in general. new chair plz hurry and get here plz

nitwatt 💀 80 days ago

wish i could just rip out my spine, fix whatever is making the hurt, and then put it back myself

nitwatt 😶 81 days ago

anyone wanna pick me up and move me to scotland or smthn? i hate it here but i can't leave on my own :')

nitwatt 💀 90 days ago

lost a sketch i was a bit into cause my deck crashed i am. so annoyed

nitwatt 💻 91 days ago

virtual animals makin me learn css by force

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