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welcome to karma cafe... there are no menus. you will be served what you deserve.˚✧₊⁎


naylith 🥳 35 days ago

website is live finally!!!!!

naylith 👽 75 days ago

having no friends is hella lonely sometimes

naylith 🎮 75 days ago

i should just mute enemy chat when i play league idk why i forget to do it and then they say smth that triggers me and then i start crying

naylith 🙂 75 days ago

working on the web

naylith 🤖 176 days ago

soooooo much to do ahhhh

naylith 🌧️ 177 days ago

it's happening again

naylith 💔 199 days ago

tried really hard to make a friend in my lecture and in the end they said 'see you next time' and walked away

naylith 🌧️ 203 days ago

feeling down very down

naylith 😭 205 days ago

some1 wanna tidy my room for me

naylith 📚 206 days ago

channeling my inner rory gilmore

naylith ✈️ 213 days ago

i wanna go home but i also don't wanna leave

naylith 💤 222 days ago

haven't even left the house and i'm already feeling homesick :(

naylith 🙃 224 days ago

i keep ranking up to plat 3 and demoting to plat 4 and promoting to plat 3 again and it's pain

naylith 😴 227 days ago

vacuumed my room and hung up all my clothes!!!!

naylith 💤 228 days ago

so sleepy ALL THE TIME

naylith ❤️ 236 days ago

i want a vanilla or chocolate scented perfume

naylith 👀 236 days ago

don't like being left out

naylith 🌈 239 days ago

i ate like 12 custard creams today

naylith 🤔 240 days ago

i wish there would be a way to like people's statuses or like repost them but i guess that is not very status cafe and more so twitter

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