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welcome to karma cafe... there are no menus. you will be served what you deserve.˚✧₊⁎


naylith 🌧️ 286 days ago

not being able to have an industrial piercing bc of my ear shape is so sad :(

naylith 🌧️ 292 days ago

the world can be very lonely

naylith 🌧️ 292 days ago

one thing makes me sad and then suddenly i'm tipped over

naylith 💡 292 days ago

the man who created the knock knock joke won the nobel prize

naylith 🌱 292 days ago

any1 play sun haven?

naylith 😭 292 days ago

paris from gilmore girls is so unbelievably cute i'm gonna cry

naylith 🌈 293 days ago

emily from gilmore girls is so cute

naylith 🎮 293 days ago

it's tft time

naylith 🌙 293 days ago

long day of training at work :)

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