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mobwife πŸ™‚ 556 days ago

need a man with an edward scissorhands feel

mobwife πŸ₯Ή 566 days ago

Louise for the love of god stop eating sprinkles off the floor

mobwife ❀️ 616 days ago

obviously cindy kimberly closed the Mirror Palais show

mobwife πŸ₯± 616 days ago

drinking vodka is always like mom i understand but no i dont forgive u

mobwife πŸ™‚ 617 days ago

i talk to jesus

mobwife πŸ™‚ 617 days ago

im drunk again and i have work at 8am tomorrow

mobwife πŸ™‚ 617 days ago

youre not that bright for a star... burned yourself out nothing left..

mobwife πŸ˜‡ 624 days ago

crying when things feel too real

mobwife ❀️ 624 days ago

Christina Ricci in buffalo 66

mobwife ❀️ 624 days ago

Fine china and dull silver

mobwife πŸ’” 624 days ago

im drunk

mobwife ✨ 625 days ago

yes i love vintage italian lacquer furniture!!!!

mobwife πŸ™ƒ 625 days ago

funny question why are you moving tables together at a restaurant without asking........i had to move them back

mobwife ❀️ 630 days ago

Angelyne >

mobwife πŸ™‚ 633 days ago


mobwife πŸ₯³ 642 days ago

β€œDo you guys have a family combo meal” this is a bar and grill.

mobwife πŸ’” 648 days ago

why does everyone looking for a roommate not allow pets because they have a ratty lil dog

mobwife 😴 650 days ago

Wanting to take back the femininity and innocence that was stolen from you but clinging to your deep rooted feminine rage - let’s discuss

mobwife πŸ€– 651 days ago

i always get the urge to update my website when neocities is down.. "sorry for the inconvenience".. yeah...

mobwife πŸ’€ 663 days ago

someone said "little miss hits curbs"

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