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mobwife ❤️ 322 days ago

wishlist: prison bf

mobwife 🥰 322 days ago

Kind of miss my sister right now.

mobwife 👀 323 days ago

the Skims shoot by Nadia Lee Cohen does something to me

mobwife 🧐 324 days ago

Ken Wakui is writing as he goes because theres no way

mobwife ❤️ 324 days ago

when people follow me then spam like/reblog --- do u need a kiss???

mobwife 😇 326 days ago

femininity is a performance and if i don't put on a show everyday my brain tells me to kill myself

mobwife 🤒 326 days ago

there's not gonna be another ultraviolence you dumb slut!

mobwife 🥱 327 days ago

and on death note ep 27. they need to cut to the chase like really!! L is dead now chop chop theres no way theres 10 eps left

mobwife 🥱 327 days ago

being softspoken and working sunday mornings... for the love of god just turn up your hearing aid pleaseee

mobwife 😇 328 days ago

when you’re a slutty virgin, a reclusive flaneuse, a heretic saint, a hedonist mystic, an illiterate writer… the duality

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