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Procyon montani (harmless animal.) You can find me on the fediverse or ask me stuff on retrospring.
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"Elixer," "Magic Bottle," "Crystal."
Appalachia, nineteen eighty-five
Favorite mashup
Slamming Like Jagger All My Time


minterpunct 🎮 21 days ago

Added Cookie Clicker express to 2024 projects section

minterpunct 🎮 23 days ago

Added two downpour games to the 2024 project section

minterpunct 🍺 58 days ago

Ranked Gold Emblem Blackberry Raspberry seltzer. New #6

minterpunct 🙂 59 days ago

Added Ranking Every Atari 2600 Game to the 2024 projects section

minterpunct ✏️ 84 days ago

Added journal to the 2024 project section

minterpunct ✏️ 152 days ago

Disabled my neocities profile. No hard feelings, just not something I need. Feel free to get in touch some other way

minterpunct 💾 191 days ago

Made an itch page for Moon Miner 2085, updated link

minterpunct 😱 191 days ago

Posting about it here brought it back to life. I'm a sorcerer

minterpunct 💔 191 days ago

My instance has been down all day... feeling more isolated than usual

minterpunct 🧋 195 days ago

Ranked blackberry Bubly. New #2

minterpunct 🎬 216 days ago

Started posting film reviews on letterboxd. Lost my old account, but I got a new one. Follow me @ blueIander

minterpunct 🧋 273 days ago

Ranked Jelly Belly birthday cake sparkling water. New #6

minterpunct 🧋 298 days ago

Ranked polar seltzer (raspberry lime). New #8

minterpunct 🎮 299 days ago

Added "Let's Play" channel to the 2023 project section

minterpunct 🧋 302 days ago

Ranked waterloo sparkling water (summer berry). New #1

minterpunct 🎮 303 days ago

Added DolltrackerWB to the 2020 project section

minterpunct 📖 307 days ago

Been doing a bit of light blogging

minterpunct 🧋 311 days ago

Ranked waterloo strawberry seltzer. New #5

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