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Procyon montani (harmless animal.) You can find me on the fediverse or ask me stuff on retrospring.
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"Elixer," "Magic Bottle," "Crystal."
Appalachia, nineteen eighty-five
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Slamming Like Jagger All My Time


minterpunct 🤖 37 minutes ago

Logging stapled documents. Listening to Q book

minterpunct 🙃 12 hours ago

OS crashed, password file got fucked up somehow and it took me an hour of googling to fix

minterpunct 📺 15 hours ago

Home, trying out a new youtube channel, about to make dinner

minterpunct 💡 17 hours ago

Think I might look for some good doom wads to jump into soon

minterpunct 🤖 20 hours ago

Listening to the Fire Escape Cast

minterpunct 🤖 21 hours ago

Listening to Knowledge Fight

minterpunct 🤖 22 hours ago

Listening to new episode of The Constant

minterpunct 🤖 23 hours ago

Power's back to normal. Ah well...

minterpunct 🙃 1 day ago

At work. The power here is messed up too. Lights are on, but outlets aren't powering computers. I might get to just sit here all day, lol

minterpunct 🥳 1 day ago

Just slept for 11 hours straight. Cor blimey

minterpunct 📺 1 day ago

Tried to play some more DQ5. Not the right game for practically no sleep. Toobin

minterpunct 📚 1 day ago

Reading Advanced Magick for Beginners

minterpunct 💀 2 days ago

Still no power. Or hot water even though the heater uses gas?? I feel like my life's gone off the rails. It's been so long since I had a win

minterpunct 💀 2 days ago

Managed to get some "sleep". In and out of consciousness for hours. Not restful. Still no power

minterpunct ✨ 3 days ago

Still no power. Still no sleep

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