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Procyon montani (harmless animal.) You can find me on the fediverse or ask me stuff on retrospring.
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"Elixer," "Magic Bottle," "Crystal."
Appalachia, nineteen eighty-five
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Slamming Like Jagger All My Time


minterpunct 📖 347 days ago

Been doing a bit of light blogging

minterpunct 🧋 351 days ago

Ranked waterloo strawberry seltzer. New #5

minterpunct 🧋 357 days ago

Ranked Waterloo Sparkling Water (black cherry.) New #1 (again!)

minterpunct 🐱 362 days ago

Updated laundry cat cam

minterpunct 💻 365 days ago

New email address for correspondence: bluelander 🐌

minterpunct 🍾 369 days ago

Ranked Waterloo Sparkling Water (grape). New #1

minterpunct 🧋 371 days ago

Added Ranking of Seltzers to the 2023 project section

minterpunct 📚 377 days ago

Added Fact-Free Ducks to the 2023 projects section

minterpunct 🙂 378 days ago

Spruced up the ol' homepage

minterpunct 💾 393 days ago

Added generators to the "old" page

minterpunct 💾 404 days ago

Added DolltrackerWB to the 2020 project page

minterpunct 💾 408 days ago

Added the Ohnotarizer to the 2021 project page

minterpunct 💾 413 days ago

Updated URL for Sailor Moon webclique. Added a little post-mortem to the Mr. Teal page

minterpunct 😶 415 days ago

Losing interest in trying to update this hourly... #adhd

minterpunct 🎮 415 days ago

Playing some Pitfall II (arcade)

minterpunct 📺 415 days ago

New F.D. Signifier vid is good

minterpunct 🍱 415 days ago

Home. Sorry I forgot to update status for most of the day. All you missed was a trip to the dollar store and tuna salad on crackers

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