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name: Milo
gender: male
sexuality: bisexual
beliefs: agnostic


milo-html 🙂 41 days ago

slowly, (possibly?) getting back with updating my site again.

milo-html 🤔 84 days ago

taking a hiatus from doing big site updates

milo-html 🥰 87 days ago

go read my 2nd animal crossing blog!!! :D

milo-html 💻 88 days ago

i'm working on an animal crossing blog, exiting... and it will be on a different page than the 2023 blogs.

milo-html 🙂 90 days ago

new blog out! 'How to make a stamp from a picture (using GIMP)'

milo-html 🤩 93 days ago

yayy i finally joined a webring! and its a very cool one B)

milo-html 💻 94 days ago

my website updates are currently very small changes in words and stuff like that. i dont know when i'll do bigger updates again.

milo-html 🙂 103 days ago

Um just kidding. I'm back with my website, I regret saying that I'll take a break xD

milo-html 🤔 103 days ago

Taking a break from my website. Dunno how long it will be before I start working on my site again.

milo-html 😎 105 days ago

came back from a relaxing horseriding lesson on Blacky, one of my favorites. its so hot here though x'D

milo-html 🤔 108 days ago

hmmmmm what should i add to my site..

milo-html 🤐 109 days ago

my blogs are such a flop for my feeling, but hey imma still continue making them cause they're fun to write.

milo-html 😴 110 days ago

slept terrible and cant focus + no motivation... not my best day

milo-html 🍔 111 days ago

i can't wait for my bigmac and fries to be delivered :'( hungry.. edit: they're 20+ minutes late AAARRGHGHH... edit 2: eating rn

milo-html 🤔 111 days ago

i wanna write a new blog but can't think of an interesting topic..

milo-html 🙂 112 days ago

going horseriding very soon and after that i plan on making new graphics for the site

milo-html 🤔 113 days ago

worked a lil bit on another site and im going to school in an hour or so

milo-html 🤔 114 days ago

Ok i'm on my school chromebook now and its slow + the keyboard sucks. But i'm editing some stuff on my site like adding <main> tags etc.

milo-html 📱 114 days ago

Don't have my laptop with me atm, so I can't work on the site for now, nor can i make any new graphics as I really wanted to >:'(...

milo-html 🎨 115 days ago

im so energetic rn. btw i made some new blinkies today and a stamp so check that out on my art page!

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