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meowbark 🍞 2 days ago

meowww meowwwww

meowbark 💾 3 days ago

i have organized my blog and i can now use it very awesome

meowbark 💔 3 days ago

i wanna use my blog more often but it's so disorganized

meowbark 🍞 7 days ago

on the last volume of kaze to ki no uta gghrhrhhhhh snifflehhgrg ggrhhh i do not want to finish it yet i will cry

meowbark 📚 9 days ago

learning how to make lace and embroider i love grandma hobbies

meowbark 🎨 9 days ago

making some blinkies and burning my eyes with my 2003 monitor... magical ^_^

meowbark 💔 9 days ago

gahh so busy lately and i left my laptop at home over the weekend so i haven't been able to code or make stuff

meowbark 🎲 13 days ago

forever a guilty guotev enjoyer i love taking cringe quizzes

meowbark 💾 15 days ago

cheese burger

meowbark 💾 16 days ago

cant find my old cosplay photos because i used to delete everything :(

meowbark 💾 16 days ago

meowww meowwwww

meowbark 💔 16 days ago

can slow damage stop being shallow in plot so i can like it instead of only liking the ost and art it's hurting my feelings.

meowbark 😭 17 days ago

i honestly hate when people ship gilbert with aguste like did they even read the manga he's such a horrible person

meowbark 💾 18 days ago

catching up on reading some of the unread books i own this weekend feeling awesom

meowbark 💾 18 days ago

got my wisdom teeth removed today ouchies but i also got more yaoi

meowbark 🥳 19 days ago

just started working on a sweet pool osu skin hopefully i dont epic fail

meowbark 🍞 20 days ago

man fuck totino's pizza rolls how dare they change the recipe what do I eat now they taste HORRIBLE. totino's hates autistics.

meowbark 😱 21 days ago

feeling like redoing my home page for the 1000th time

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