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he/him or wing/wings. i talk about my feelings, post song lyrics, & ramble about stuff i like (which is mostly phighting)


medkit 🎢 80 days ago

" drive the wedge, torch the bridge / i don't want to die in here "

medkit 😢 85 days ago

i think i'm anemic but i'm wanted by the state right now so i don't have time to worry about that (reference)

medkit 🐱 119 days ago

less talk about mewing, more talk about meowing

medkit 🎢 119 days ago

got zydrate anatomy stuck in my head again :-/

medkit 🧐 120 days ago

i think this twink has borderline personality disorder

medkit πŸ˜› 120 days ago

working on my spacehey

medkit 🌈 121 days ago

oh goodness gracious me. oh dear. great heavens. oh my gods. oh goodness. wow. i think i have contracted an illness.

medkit πŸ₯³ 121 days ago

cleaned the kitchen & bathroom because they were gross.. even threw out those random q-tips someone keeps leaving everywhere ☺️

medkit πŸ™‚ 123 days ago

i think it's always extremely funny when people draw player & cashier with hair, but leave dummy bald. hair privileges revoked ..

medkit πŸ™‚ 124 days ago

@elly hey you can do what you want with your hair forever. if you like how it looks side parted, then wear it side parted!

medkit πŸ˜› 125 days ago

i always respond appropriately to happenings & situations

medkit 😯 126 days ago

wow, did they increase the character limit on this?

medkit πŸ™‚ 126 days ago


medkit 😴 126 days ago

eepy once more...

medkit 🎢 128 days ago

i'm in medbay. i am faking a task. you are coming down with me. scan in unlovable scan.

medkit πŸ˜‡ 128 days ago

like yaoi reblog is the new live laugh love

medkit 🎢 128 days ago

close your eyes & hope real hard, maybe sprout wings

medkit πŸ™‚ 129 days ago

performing top surgery in the thunderclan medicine den

medkit πŸ₯³ 129 days ago

"kill them with kindness!" wrong. Lobotomy πŸ§ πŸ§ πŸ§ β›οΈβ›οΈβ›οΈ

medkit 😭 131 days ago

wishing i had a tail right now

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