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meddlingimp 💾 26 days ago

goddamn just finished needy streamer overload. what a game. what a game...

meddlingimp ✏️ 29 days ago

hoo hah! let's fix my website!

meddlingimp 👀 30 days ago

maybe i'll write a new blog post... but what should i even talk about?

meddlingimp ✨ 34 days ago

every day i thank god for the robust collection of images in the puyo nexus

meddlingimp 🥳 35 days ago

after a week of loafing around i finally cobbled together a blog. wahoo!

meddlingimp 🔥 35 days ago

love how there's 3 separate posts for puyo puyo 20th on spriter's resource and NONE OF THEM include the backgrounds

meddlingimp 🤔 41 days ago

the ONE day i clear my schedule to code is the one where i don't find the motivation to do so

meddlingimp 😴 42 days ago

i need to stop going to bed at 1 am