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meddlingimp 🎨 8 days ago

did you know that if you actually do the things that you're supposed to do then you stop feeling stressed out because of them? that's crazy.

meddlingimp 💻 10 days ago

just wrote 2k about a mario machinima show. how's your day going? oh god i have to do my taxes

meddlingimp ✏️ 13 days ago

that google docs visual update on pc looks like ass. straight up. what were they thinking

meddlingimp ✏️ 15 days ago

i need to stop thinking about my hyperfixation so i can write content about my hyperfixation

meddlingimp 🌈 21 days ago

i'm thinking too hard about the stupid mario machinima show again

meddlingimp 📖 25 days ago

oghghhh my god. they weren't lying when they said chainsaw man is peak

meddlingimp ✨ 28 days ago

chainsaw man is soooo good. i cant wait to pick up the manga

meddlingimp 💾 30 days ago

fuck it we ball. i got all the important pages up and that's all I need.

meddlingimp 🔥 33 days ago

this update is so close to being "done enough" i can almost taste it. i just gotta redo the blog, and then i'll call it good

meddlingimp 💾 35 days ago

hard at work!! coding is so much easier when you know what you're doing!

meddlingimp ✏️ 36 days ago

oof its been a while. i wanna see about revamping this webpage. it could be cleaner

meddlingimp ✏️ 131 days ago

new blog update! hi guys sorry it's been 3 months. the passage of time is a scary thing

meddlingimp 💤 151 days ago

migraine make me want to sleep

meddlingimp ☕️ 160 days ago

mental health day. time to update my site for self care reasons

meddlingimp 🔥 197 days ago


meddlingimp ✏️ 201 days ago

suddenly struck with the Need for Better Computer so... time to actually set up my comms i guess

meddlingimp 🌙 211 days ago

there's a power outage so don't expect too many updates from me until thursday :(

meddlingimp 🙂 213 days ago

wait, what do you mean it's sunday? that's ridiculous.

meddlingimp 🌈 214 days ago

feeling fantastically queer today (visited the unicorn feed and supply store)

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