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maxweil 💀 93 days ago


maxweil 💀 146 days ago

"One never knew, after all, now did one now did one now did one."

maxweil 💀 201 days ago

wish i could be counting the cars on the garden state parkway

maxweil 💀 305 days ago

it's never easy

maxweil 💀 309 days ago


maxweil 💀 313 days ago

i want to do creative things again. write, edit, make a game, ANYTHING. but the prospect is so daunting and im just so tired all the time...

maxweil 💀 321 days ago

i need to stop packing so much stuff into my vacations. haven't had a chance to relax down all week! good fun but man am i tired.

maxweil 💀 334 days ago

fell in love with a girl, or something like it.

maxweil 💀 363 days ago

embarrassingly, i am feeling very alienated from people who are supposed to be my friends.

maxweil 💀 471 days ago

i like my coffee black and my parole denied.

maxweil 💀 594 days ago

some days, i wish i were a bear.

maxweil 💀 640 days ago

blisters and mosquito bites, and blisters and mosquito bites, and blisters and mosquito bites, and blisters and mosquito bites, and

maxweil 💀 667 days ago

... it pours.

maxweil 💀 682 days ago

really needed a win this week — didn't get it. damn shame.

maxweil 💀 700 days ago


maxweil 💀 713 days ago

it's incredible how a friend group can silently change — you have to take a step back to see it is unrecognizable from what it once was.

maxweil 💀 716 days ago

i wish i had an easier time napping - it's hard catching up on sleep without them.

maxweil 💀 726 days ago

enjoy the long weekend, everyone!

maxweil 💀 728 days ago

why is it that i have trouble sleeping on days where i didn't get enough sleep?

maxweil 💀 731 days ago

went to a con this weekend, had an absolute blast. it's great being among so many of 'my people'.

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