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maxweil 💀 331 days ago

more than halfway through the week, fight on folks.

maxweil 💀 332 days ago

the mets are good at baseball. you love to see it.

maxweil 💀 333 days ago

just another manic monday.

maxweil 💀 334 days ago

had a fun little camping excursion. it was pouring rain, but i had a good time nonetheless. hoping all of your weekends went well.

maxweil 💀 336 days ago

it is finally friday! have a good weekend everyone o/

maxweil 💀 337 days ago

doctor says nothing is 'obviously' wrong with my knee, so i'm buying a brace and will hike less on my camping trip. good news though!

maxweil 💀 339 days ago

added a wall/guestbook to the site, hosted by 'htmlcommentbox'. keeping an eye on its reliability. may have to roll my own in the future.

maxweil 💀 339 days ago

made some updates to the site's styling today. still thinking about different backgrounds, but i like where we're at.

maxweil 💀 339 days ago

i did something to my knee this past week and it hurts every few steps. i hope it feels better by this weekend so i can go camping.

maxweil 💀 340 days ago

Hello, world!

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