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howdy! my name is matcha (they/he) and i am an artist and streamer! i love making new friends, so feel free to reach out! have a great day! 💖


matcha 🎮 6 days ago

so we back in the mine

matcha 🎨 56 days ago

i love art!!!!!

matcha ❄️ 66 days ago

happy holidays! 💖

matcha ✏️ 71 days ago

i'm blogging so hard rn

matcha 🐱 100 days ago

warrior cats... :3

matcha 🤩 123 days ago

I BEAT COVID!!!!!!!!!!

matcha ☕️ 134 days ago

apple crisp oat macchiato my beloved...

matcha 🤒 135 days ago

been sick for days now... i hope i feel better soon!

matcha 🐱 155 days ago

skyrim belongs to the furries

matcha 🥹 159 days ago

migraine moment

matcha 💤 172 days ago

big eepy today

matcha 🔥 174 days ago

it's so hot out and i'm in so much pain... send help...

matcha 🥳 177 days ago

having a great day today!!!

matcha 🤩 179 days ago

finally got some good news!! so excited to share it... 👀

matcha 🐱 187 days ago

very normal about warrior cats :3

matcha 🎮 188 days ago

Sticky Business is such a fun game! i wanna make more stickers...

matcha ❄️ 190 days ago

it's skyrim stuesday

matcha 🐱 191 days ago

i just beat A Little to the Left... so cute!!! 💖

matcha 🤩 192 days ago

excited to stream tomorrow!!!

matcha 😎 194 days ago

epic migraine moment

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