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howdy! my name is matcha (they/he) and i am an artist and streamer! i love making new friends, so feel free to reach out! have a great day! 💖


matcha 🐱 240 days ago

i just beat A Little to the Left... so cute!!! 💖

matcha 🤩 241 days ago

excited to stream tomorrow!!!

matcha 😎 243 days ago

epic migraine moment

matcha 🥹 245 days ago

under the weather blehhhhh

matcha ☕️ 245 days ago

enjoying some coffee before i stream!

matcha 🙃 246 days ago

lost my job. trying to stay positive!

matcha 💀 247 days ago

rough day

matcha 💤 247 days ago

i don't wanna work...

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