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maria 🦀 586 days ago

snabber go snab snab i am da crab crab

maria 🥰 587 days ago

was having an amazing day, saw the uk news, now having an even more amazing day

maria 😛 594 days ago

lmao looks like .status-content needs a cheeky word-break: break-word

maria 🥺 595 days ago

in my i-want-a-cute-froggy-incense-holder-from-etsy era

maria 👑 595 days ago

im sure queen victoria wouldve loved garage & jungle if she was still knockin about

maria 🍙 595 days ago

my id card at work stopped working now i cant get into the kitchen to microwave my microwave rice im so HUNGry oh no

maria 🏠️ 596 days ago

urthe an cortu, sahe padínim hría :D

maria 😴 597 days ago

fróha dína an huargu urthe, hualu sófa

maria 💻 597 days ago

petríom toki pona an minái pedíncí assauthím - sahe lesadus mai laith✊

maria 🧐 598 days ago

namor le ingrid mina ithra ammíthu· an thambinna íme diaha thage

maria ✏️ 598 days ago

lúthom runium an padíní an fihinna íme

maria 599 days ago

ciare le cíntrim me radóthim pisothím; sahe mai dín thagith iare diaha arfa

maria 😌 601 days ago

hréðan wyrtblót is gedón

maria 🐦 601 days ago

oh yeah managed to finally delete my acct on the bird website, inb4 my mental health just goes up by like 10% djfh

maria 💾 608 days ago

readying myself for path of exile tomorrow

maria 🥰 610 days ago

@dozens owoahhh i love itttt, im gonna link it on my tenpo ko page if that's ok ? :D

maria ❤️ 611 days ago

wife got a account oh yeah its spreading

maria 🐶 612 days ago

wrote a custom script to get my status on my page without blocking page load ohyeah now when will i stop procrastinagintg on work jdskhl

maria 🔥 615 days ago

so hot out but feelin pretty good

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