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👋 hey it's me dozens!


dozens 🎶 25 days ago

the violent femmes are the best 90s band of the 80s

dozens 👽 28 days ago

okay time to stop working on my new ttrpg, and start prepping for D&D that starts in 45 minutes 😬

dozens 🤔 29 days ago

thinkin bout rss

dozens 🍱 30 days ago

want to have spicy food but also want to conserve sriracha because of shortage

dozens 😎 32 days ago

finished the backyard, but now it's too hot. i'll do the front tomorrow

dozens 😭 32 days ago

Pulled up a bunch of weeds and now I'm choking on pollen.

dozens ☕ 32 days ago

gonna have a coffee and then do some yard work before it gets too warm