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👋 hey it's me dozens!

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dozens 🧐 102 days ago

thinking about #100daystooffload

dozens 🙂 106 days ago

happy would-be 37th to our boy aaron swartz

dozens 🛼 107 days ago

i like rollerskating so much

dozens 🥳 107 days ago

happy Four Seasons Total Landscaping Day to those who celebrate

dozens 💀 114 days ago

deletin some vim plugins this halloween

dozens 😱 121 days ago

calm but not really

dozens 😇 127 days ago

hating javascript is not a personality

dozens ❤️ 132 days ago

i sincerely love it when bloggers blog about blogging. tell me all about your workflow and setup.

dozens 😎 134 days ago

i have one shitty old wordpress site i haven't updated since 2015. still immediately enabled federation as soon as it was available.

dozens 😯 136 days ago

i never really learned what a pivot table is and at this point i'm afraid to ask

dozens 🧐 138 days ago

thinkin bout corn

dozens 📖 139 days ago

deep in "Write To Find Out" territory, this text is taking a slightly different direction and reorganizing itself.

dozens 💀 140 days ago

DUNGEON HEIST: steal. that. dungeon.

dozens 🤔 143 days ago

are newsletters now zines?

dozens 🎶 144 days ago

the new animal collective is kind of a snoozer isn't it

dozens 🌮 228 days ago

i have finally done it. i have made the most powerful avocado toast known to man.

dozens 😭 352 days ago

i feel sad today so i'm listening really sad music so that i feel sadder

dozens 💀 374 days ago

tfw you go "OOh I should write that down in my Ideas file" but then you don't remember what it was D:

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