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👋 hey it's me dozens!

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dozens 😭 505 days ago

i feel sad today so i'm listening really sad music so that i feel sadder

dozens 💀 527 days ago

tfw you go "OOh I should write that down in my Ideas file" but then you don't remember what it was D:

dozens ✈️ 606 days ago

today's agenda: 1) 1am wake up call 2) bowls of 🍝 3) 12 hour flight on busiest travel day of the year 😬

dozens 🎶 625 days ago

take your shoes off and THRRRRRRRRRROW them in the lake!

dozens ✨ 630 days ago

everything's weird and nothing is real

dozens 😡 637 days ago

i just want to hear it the way it was

dozens 🎶 637 days ago

i hate how sometimes spotify doesn't have the normal album. 20th Anniversary Remastered Edition With B-Sides Outtakes and Unreleased Tracks!

dozens 🎶 642 days ago

new Broken Bells sounds really pretty but kinda boring

dozens 🙂 649 days ago


dozens ❤️ 653 days ago

sometimes i go back and read my old blog posts to see how much i still agree with my past self. that is my brand of narcissism.

dozens ☕️ 659 days ago

there's no such thing as a good guy

dozens 😱 664 days ago

if ONE more company mails me a water bottle and calls it a health initiative...

dozens 💀 664 days ago

make leaf blowers illegal

dozens 🤩 665 days ago

did you know you can just boil polenta into corn grits?

dozens ☕️ 666 days ago

mornings are for coffee and contemplation

dozens 💀 666 days ago

somebody seems to be running some kind of industrial leaf blower or something between the hours of 10am and 3pm every day. i hope they die.

dozens 🤩 673 days ago

i was today years old the first time i tried to edit remote files in my local vim via scp. wowzers, it just works.

dozens 😱 676 days ago

i would HATE it if somebody read my search results from when i research weird stuff for D&D 🤣

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