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mametzwood 🔥 23 days ago

it is so hot in my flat i am melting send help

mametzwood 💾 25 days ago

working on adding the surprise section 2 my site... it has a little competition (its underground themed)

mametzwood 🎨 26 days ago

just dyed my hair red helllll yeah

mametzwood 💀 27 days ago

my mouse doesn't want to work today which is fine. i'll just commit murder.

mametzwood 🌱 27 days ago

now i wanna know the math on mushroom hunters finding bodies because there's a strong correlation to those two activities

mametzwood 💀 28 days ago

i'd take up mushroom hunting but the odds of finding a body are too high

mametzwood 📺 28 days ago

why is listening to voicemail so frightening???

mametzwood 🌱 28 days ago

suffering from hayfever