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mametzwood ✨ 76 days ago

the tube is 160yrs old this year!!!!

mametzwood 💀 171 days ago

god i hate tfl why is the tube so EXPENSIVE!!!!

mametzwood 🌈 180 days ago


mametzwood 😴 182 days ago

ok second year of uni is busting my balls i prommy i'll be more active when i'm able

mametzwood 😴 183 days ago

something psyche-destroying about working on a cast of your own face — is my forehead really that small??

mametzwood 💀 187 days ago

i know i chose to go to uni but... going to uni... man...

mametzwood 💤 190 days ago

bleghhh i can't sleep

mametzwood 💤 192 days ago

oh man i forgor how much of a headache london gives me

mametzwood 🎮 198 days ago

on splatoon 3 lockdown

mametzwood 💀 206 days ago

god i hate tidying up

mametzwood 💀 209 days ago

i love how episodes of the trap door are named... there sure is a thingy... it is kind of yecccch...

mametzwood 💀 210 days ago

reading about animal classification for worldbuilding stuff and in the carnivore family you're either a dog or a cat. very helpful

mametzwood 💀 213 days ago

nope has vindicated my bitter hatred of chimpanzees

mametzwood ✈️ 214 days ago

saying goodbye to Joyce bc everyone but me is moving out today -_-

mametzwood 🍫 214 days ago

hanging out at Joyce's kitchen and the roommates are playing genius of love

mametzwood 🍕 215 days ago

fucked up that i have to keep eating and making food why hasn't humanity gotten around that

mametzwood 🎮 215 days ago

psycho killer qu'est-ce que fa fa fa

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