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transgender little freak from england


mametzwood 🌧️ 71 days ago

so very close to being done with uni

mametzwood 💀 73 days ago

so very nearly done w/ uni

mametzwood 🙂 83 days ago

radiogarden international stations being blocked outside of the uk for British listeners is so sad :(

mametzwood 💤 83 days ago

getting a tooth removed friday... scary!

mametzwood 😯 89 days ago

why tf is nicholas hoult playing jon arbuckle

mametzwood 💀 96 days ago

someone has to keep nicholas hoult away from vampires

mametzwood 🍙 96 days ago

a 6-pack of salmon maki is £3.95 how am i supposed to live like this

mametzwood 💀 97 days ago

sometimes i play hello zepp to motivate myself to do my chores. i like to pretend john kramer will kill me if i don't do them.

mametzwood 😱 98 days ago

i have so much plaster stuck to my hands this is a category 8 event

mametzwood 🥱 292 days ago

i am god's eepiest soldier

mametzwood 🌙 295 days ago

the weather is finally changing here thank god

mametzwood 👀 303 days ago

found out my site looks weird if you have a smaller monitor. skill issue

mametzwood 💀 305 days ago

it would be SO cool if i stopped feeling like i was gonna barf!!!!!

mametzwood 🌈 307 days ago


mametzwood 💀 312 days ago

refuse centre in my area has been burning all night... whole place smells like burned trash & i was asleep for the "close yr windows" alert

mametzwood 😭 346 days ago

my hands r so sore from all this clay work

mametzwood 🍿 347 days ago

it just hit me that puppet history IS the hotdaga 2... all this time i've been pining for hotdaga when the REAL hotdaga is in front of me

mametzwood 💀 352 days ago

my need to drink chocolate milk vs my allergy to milk: fight

mametzwood 💀 353 days ago

tourists r so fucking annoying PLEASE stop stopping in the middle of the street this is london some of us have places to be!!!

mametzwood 💀 353 days ago

found out america doesn't have shrek's adventure... you guys are deprived

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