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lostletters 😭 1 hour ago

knit so much in such a short period of time that I definitely strained my wrist fml

lostletters 🤩 2 days ago

feeling so inspired to create things with code again. I want to add a bunch of weird and expressive pocket pages to my site.

lostletters 🙂 2 days ago

finally feeling much better and testing negative! quarantine has been good for knitting.

lostletters 🏆 5 days ago

Knitting for the first time in years thanks to being stuck inside until I recover. I didn’t have this on my bingo card for 2023.

lostletters 😭 5 days ago

Tested positive for Covid for the first time ever 2 days ago, but I’m hanging in there. Throat is so sore. This sucks.

lostletters 🙂 7 days ago

So happy Dragon Cave is celebrating 17 yrs of being online, but sad that tamanotchi.world is shutting down. virtual pets should live forever

lostletters 😭 9 days ago

Neocities would start experiencing difficulties as soon as I want to submit corrections to my first update in a week.

lostletters 🙃 9 days ago

Hustled so hard to get to my dentist appt just two minutes late. I’ve been waiting to be seen for 20 minutes. Why bother?

lostletters 🙂 9 days ago

drag and drop on mobile causes so many weird bugs that I am not skilled enough to fix rn. My Pride zine entry might be desktop only.

lostletters 🥱 11 days ago

Dreamt that I was trying to find a table in a crowded cafe that was inside a cavernous underground bouldering gym. What could it mean?

lostletters 🙂 17 days ago

Seeing sumo live at Ryogoku Kokugikan was more entertaining than expected, but there was a TON of downtime between actual wrestling parts

lostletters 💀 17 days ago

Pretty sure I messed up wrapping my heel with kinesiology tape because it doesn’t feel any better at all lol

lostletters 😇 18 days ago

I can tell my meds are working because I didn't procrastinate contacting customer service about a defective product. Little wins!

lostletters 🥳 19 days ago

Chased down a fresh batch of sweets from my favorite vegan baker that doesn’t have their own store, then got my favorite salad! Great day!

lostletters ✈️ 24 days ago

That was the worst flight. Over an hour of turbulence made me so nauseous and anxious. So glad to be home.

lostletters 🧐 24 days ago

Bar seating is always so uncomfortable. Who is this made for?

lostletters 🔥 25 days ago

The heat of Hong Kong won’t stop me from shopping for all the postcards and walking 15,000+ steps daily. I’m a human puddle now.

lostletters ✈️ 27 days ago

I always get pre-flight jitters. Triple checked I have everything, but I can’t help but worry. It’s so annoying.

lostletters 🥳 29 days ago

reworking my site's structure so I can section off the webcore stuff and grow the personal side of things

lostletters 🥺 29 days ago

I really need to be more patient with my running progress. My ego just so loud sometimes.

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