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lostletters 🤖 8 days ago

Playing Star Wars Edge of the Empire TTRPG as a droid, beep boop!

lostletters 👀 9 days ago

cherry blossom season is the best season

lostletters ✨ 18 days ago

So impressed by all the 32bit.cafe code jam entries!

lostletters 😴 21 days ago

The Boy & The Heron was a total let down for me. The message of the movie was boringly simple.

lostletters 🥳 43 days ago

finally feeling inspired to add something to my site again

lostletters 📺 57 days ago

watching critical role while I work on my taxes. I feel so old.

lostletters 📺 62 days ago

Feeling very American™️ watching the Super Bowl

lostletters 🎮 81 days ago

checking out palworld since they cherrypicked the best of pokemon, botw, and minecraft and made it look nice

lostletters 🥱 92 days ago

finished with my run today and the weather was perfect. tired now though.

lostletters 🥰 98 days ago

I've been journaling so much in my hobonichi techo, no blank pages so far!

lostletters 🧐 98 days ago

neocities comment replies are broken

lostletters 🥳 108 days ago

Settled on my 2024 Hobonichi lineup and shared it on my blog

lostletters 🎮 111 days ago

Had so much fun playing Lego Fortnite with my friend today

lostletters 🥱 114 days ago

3km easy run on the training plan today, should be very chill. Maybe I’ll do it first thing when I get out of bed?

lostletters 🥺 121 days ago

need some inspiration to add anything to my site aside from new blog posts

lostletters 🥹 125 days ago

gotta force myself to do this workout if it's the only thing I do today

lostletters 📺 129 days ago

Godzilla Minus One was actually quite good

lostletters 📺 131 days ago

Dr. Who has been killing it with these special episodes

lostletters 🤩 136 days ago

I cant resist playing in my new hobonichi for 2024. I had to start decorating it.

lostletters ❄️ 137 days ago

can't believe it's almost Neopets advent calendar season again

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