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lostletters πŸ“Ί 72 days ago

I need a new show to fill the void that Singles Inferno left once I finished both seasons

lostletters πŸ”₯ 75 days ago

If you need me, I’m couch-locked watching Singles Inferno on Netflix

lostletters 🎀 77 days ago

first livestream since December was much smoother than expected

lostletters ✏️ 80 days ago

Struggling with the Sunday scaries big time this week.

lostletters πŸ₯³ 82 days ago

Finally worked through my CSS file and created a dark and light mode switcher! I hope folks like it as much as I do.

lostletters πŸš„ 84 days ago

all packed for my weekend trip to Kyoto

lostletters 😯 86 days ago

bowled 134 today after not going bowling for years

lostletters πŸ₯³ 88 days ago

I just won a raffle for a blue dino egg! I’ve grown 1000+ dragons on dragon cave, and this is my first dino! I can’t believe it!

lostletters πŸ™‚ 89 days ago

working on simplifying my layout code with css flex, but also making it more responsive for desktop in fun ways

lostletters πŸ₯Ί 94 days ago

Neocities sites that are adamant about not supporting mobile don't care about users who don't have access desktops. It's such a bummer.

lostletters πŸ™‚ 94 days ago

feeling inspired to overhaul my now page with all sorts of dashboard-y widgets

lostletters πŸ€” 99 days ago

Feeling like a potato and craving comfort content, but novelty at the same time. So confusing.

lostletters πŸ™ƒ 103 days ago

not me justifying buying a lot of tamagotchi merch because each piece is cheaper than buying more tamagotchi

lostletters 🐢 107 days ago

My tamagotchi just evolved! Loving playing with the tamagotchi uni

lostletters πŸ† 109 days ago

I hit Platinum tier on dragcave.net! I can't believe I've grown 1000 dragons since I started in November last year.

lostletters πŸ€– 110 days ago

My tamagotchi uni arrived, and I love her!

lostletters πŸ₯³ 145 days ago

Three day weekend baybeeee

lostletters πŸ“Ί 148 days ago

I’m probably way late to The Witcher season three, but it’s so good to knit to.

lostletters πŸ™‚ 153 days ago

I just learned that 100% recycled yarns are a thing, how cool is that?

lostletters πŸ™‚ 158 days ago

My Neopets stonks in-game popped off in the month that I didn't play, so I just made 1M off of 5k stonks. 1st time in my 19.5 yrs of playing

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