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lostletters 🎮 151 days ago

Had so much fun playing Lego Fortnite with my friend today

lostletters 🥱 153 days ago

3km easy run on the training plan today, should be very chill. Maybe I’ll do it first thing when I get out of bed?

lostletters 🥺 160 days ago

need some inspiration to add anything to my site aside from new blog posts

lostletters 🥹 164 days ago

gotta force myself to do this workout if it's the only thing I do today

lostletters 📺 169 days ago

Godzilla Minus One was actually quite good

lostletters 📺 171 days ago

Dr. Who has been killing it with these special episodes

lostletters 🤩 175 days ago

I cant resist playing in my new hobonichi for 2024. I had to start decorating it.

lostletters ❄️ 176 days ago

can't believe it's almost Neopets advent calendar season again

lostletters 🙃 183 days ago

opened up my blog post editor to find a finished post from 11/17 that was left unpublished. scrapped it bc it's feels weird to post it late.

lostletters 🏆 189 days ago

Did my one difficult thing of the day first thing when I woke up, so now I've earned play time.

lostletters 😭 195 days ago

after staring at error messages for an hour, I told my partner that I'm in git hell. she said I could just say git because hell is implied.

lostletters 🥹 198 days ago

been getting so many kind guestbook messages lately and now my site has passed 300k views. people are so nice what the heck

lostletters 🥳 199 days ago

Found some new vegan goodies at the supermarket, and they were delicious!

lostletters 🤐 204 days ago

step mom asked me what I got up to today, but I couldn't tell her I was busy being a nasty little CSS goblin

lostletters 🥳 208 days ago

My family arrived to visit me in Japan! I’m so excited.

lostletters 🎮 211 days ago

Halloween event is live on dragon cave, and now I'm growing 8 little halloween guys :D

lostletters 💀 219 days ago

the amount of willpower it takes to use healthier coping mechanisms

lostletters 😭 223 days ago

day three of daily stomach aches ugh

lostletters 🥳 224 days ago

just launched a new Halloween theme for my website. love the theme switcher so much.

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