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just yelling into the void


liminalmind 🎨 16 days ago

There's something so pretty about drawings in blue pencil

liminalmind 🙂 20 days ago

sunsets at 8pm make me wanna go back to my down-4-anything ways. life was adventurous.

liminalmind 📺 22 days ago

Ted Lasso is so good a 2nd time around

liminalmind 👽 29 days ago

The disrespect to the haters on the new XG Tapes is *chefs kiss*

liminalmind 💤 30 days ago

sleeping with a weighted blanket has been a game changer. never fell asleep so fast consistently.

liminalmind 📚 34 days ago

Romancing mr bridgerton has me kicking my feet in the air. Waiting 12 yrs for a man is crazy tho.

liminalmind 🌱 37 days ago

all i know is that where i am rn is not gonna be where i'll be a year from now

liminalmind 🌙 44 days ago

trying to get your life together while feeling like its chronically unstable is an exhausting place to be mentally

liminalmind 🙂 46 days ago

going back to old web ways has been a nostalgic journey <3