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real life internet human bean


lazybones 🫖 623 days ago

omi boost & hellraiser 2022

lazybones 💤 627 days ago

dream: hello there... a moth/wasp flew into my ear.

lazybones 🥳 631 days ago

birthday burn out

lazybones 🎁 636 days ago

birthday count down begins

lazybones 🔥 640 days ago

got duped by false fall. it's hot again.

lazybones ☕️ 646 days ago

it's chilly out

lazybones 💀 649 days ago

I'm tired of getting itchy welts every time I go outside. When will these mosquitos die?

lazybones 🙃 650 days ago

current favorite snack: peanut butter sandwich with a side of concord grapes

lazybones ✅ 652 days ago

i like ignoring my website for 3+ months and then spending a whole day updating all the things

lazybones 💡 653 days ago

daydreaming at night

lazybones 🤐 657 days ago

I am happy for you.

lazybones 👀 662 days ago

need to go to bed. don't want to go to bed.

lazybones 🙃 663 days ago

After cooking nightly for the last 2.75 years, I finally feel comfortable admitting I'm a v good cook.

lazybones 🙂 674 days ago

I've decided to start a sticker collection like the one I had as a kid

lazybones 🔥 676 days ago

burn it to the ground and rise like a phoenix

lazybones 😭 692 days ago

my wobble ran away :(

lazybones 🎶 703 days ago

Playing uke at night is the new routine

lazybones 💡 704 days ago

If I am not tired, I am hungry. If I am not hungry, I am tired. Round and round it goes.

lazybones ❤️ 718 days ago

Just took a home blood test. My blood is A+. That's the highest score you can get!

lazybones ✨ 723 days ago

flossin' me teef

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