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i will write this later
(possibly never)

A tiny chibi of Dijamant and Kolo hugging.
A tiny chibi of Ciroatys.A tiny chibi of Szeretet.
by dovalore


kolo 🔥 1 day ago

my apt complex tested the fire alarms today and it was the most calm and cute sounding alarm ever i'm going to die in the real fire

kolo ☀️ 6 days ago

a "two-person protest [...] protesting the usage of chickens"

kolo ❤️ 7 days ago

got my steam deck today!!!!!!!

kolo ❤️ 20 days ago

the more time i spend with one/thriga the more i'm convinced they would be cute together

kolo ✏️ 43 days ago

chewed through 6,200 words today... me hands hurt a bit

kolo 🔥 54 days ago

its so hot i hope the apt complex turns on the building ac soon :(

kolo ❤️ 69 days ago

rereading "of the inevitable" a month later like wowwwww i really like this/wanderer

kolo 💔 70 days ago

every time i go thru my files i see old eucaritia characters and my brain goes "add eucaritia to the site :)" noooo

kolo ❤️ 73 days ago

who out there loves chomyzi

kolo ✨ 82 days ago

i haven't lost the magic at all. maybe i never did

kolo ❤️ 90 days ago

dragonhost is really just a metaphor for being gay in a homophobic religion, isn't it

kolo 🙂 91 days ago

today's random good 0 views youtube recc: "uranium mines" by timothy j fairplay

kolo ❄️ 92 days ago

my fucking flavored water drink is FROZEN???

kolo 💔 98 days ago

column-count has some bizarre behavior in firefox

kolo 🤔 106 days ago

why are 3/4 of the okapi in the site rn from verebriva. what's up with that.

kolo 🎶 108 days ago

rotten replaced regrown and renamed, the bottomless game

kolo ❤️ 109 days ago

current mood: the wriggly synth at the start of "a sender"

kolo 💔 116 days ago

tfw u thought u understood js objects

kolo ❄️ 120 days ago

every episode of ice road truckers is "oh.... The Ice..." [60 scare chords] [60 shots of ice cracking] "nice we made it to the other side"

kolo ❤️ 121 days ago

cogito/cleverly walked so that ery/ausana could run

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