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i will write this later
(possibly never)

A tiny chibi of Dijamant and Kolo hugging.
A tiny chibi of Ciroatys.A tiny chibi of Szeretet.
by dovalore


kolo 🌧️ 46 minutes ago

have bastardized my computer into never updating and yet some of the interface changed on restart. please god no

kolo ✏️ 22 hours ago

drew for too long today now my hips hurt aaaaa

kolo 🙂 1 day ago

[rotating my plant robot in my brain] dopamine

kolo 🌧️ 2 days ago

have not been feeling well :(

kolo 🔥 6 days ago

burnt the roof of my mouf :(

kolo ☀️ 6 days ago

i think i really want to pick up lux again soonish. i think i should keep the cast small though

kolo 💤 7 days ago

no. i napped earlier. i'm not ready to be tired

kolo 🌧️ 8 days ago

why is toyhouse down i wanted to add paradscha :( it's intermittent...

kolo ❤️ 8 days ago

at first when i got my new lappy i thought "oh a backlit keyboard is so trite" but i actually love it so so much??

kolo ✨ 9 days ago

not really a FPS guy but the movement in severed steel is really addictive. love the mutations too

kolo ❤️ 9 days ago

severed steel... is good

kolo 🎶 10 days ago

gem & i is... so good!!!!!

kolo 💤 12 days ago

draws got. time to eat sunflower seeds and pass out

kolo ✏️ 12 days ago

sweepy but gotta get my daily draws in

kolo 🌈 13 days ago

woah... i think i Get sung tongs now

kolo 🔥 13 days ago

who is this cricket who incessantly chirps at (checks notes) 10am

kolo ☀️ 14 days ago

the great migration for cities of ash characters... it is almost complete....

kolo 🌧️ 15 days ago

i draw with my right arm, but somehow my left bicep is always the one that hurts...?

kolo ✏️ 15 days ago

super proud of myself for already getting another TPOT chapter out :D

kolo ✏️ 16 days ago

funny how good simple rhythm games are for generating story ideas as you play. something about the dumb parts of my brain doing busywork

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