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i will write this later
(possibly never)

A tiny chibi of Dijamant and Kolo hugging.
A tiny chibi of Ciroatys.A tiny chibi of Szeretet.
by dovalore


kolo 💔 58 days ago

<--- idiot cat who hasn't been sleeping

kolo ❤️ 58 days ago

who needs friends when you have concatenate?

kolo ❄️ 60 days ago

been worrying about the dryer making a Noise but it was the gf's coffee maker instead and i was extremely confused for several seconds

kolo ❤️ 63 days ago

the absolute power of php includes....

kolo 💤 63 days ago

manifesting "i need to sleep better" energy today

kolo 🎶 69 days ago

finished the chapter (22k words!) AND new anco album today :D

kolo ✏️ 70 days ago

TPOT alpha is at 19k words. she's going to double the story's entire length on her own, send real help

kolo ✏️ 70 days ago

TPOT alpha officially breached 10k words send help

kolo 💔 70 days ago

[staring at keyboard fearfully]

kolo ❤️ 73 days ago

<> it's diamond time <>

kolo ✏️ 73 days ago

TPOT alpha is up to 9.3k words and still growing send help

kolo 🌧️ 74 days ago

have bastardized my computer into never updating and yet some of the interface changed on restart. please god no

kolo ✏️ 74 days ago

drew for too long today now my hips hurt aaaaa

kolo 🙂 75 days ago

[rotating my plant robot in my brain] dopamine

kolo 🌧️ 77 days ago

have not been feeling well :(

kolo 🔥 80 days ago

burnt the roof of my mouf :(

kolo ☀️ 81 days ago

i think i really want to pick up lux again soonish. i think i should keep the cast small though

kolo 💤 81 days ago

no. i napped earlier. i'm not ready to be tired

kolo 🌧️ 82 days ago

why is toyhouse down i wanted to add paradscha :( it's intermittent...

kolo ❤️ 82 days ago

at first when i got my new lappy i thought "oh a backlit keyboard is so trite" but i actually love it so so much??

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