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koda 🙂 35 days ago

sections of the website have yet to get filled up, thanks for your patience :)

koda 🤩 94 days ago

finally updating the website!! gonna make the navigation better!!

koda 😶 114 days ago

it's been too long since I drew, admittedly even a warmup sketch is a bit of a challenge. I was hoping after 3 months my wrists would heal..

koda 🤒 123 days ago

still only to work in small bursts because of my wrists but I'm still making progress on stuff!! promise!!

koda 🌈 151 days ago

got some work done early this month but I've been resting and spending most of this month reading & seeing loved ones for my birthday!

koda 🌈 169 days ago

having hot cocoa and my wrist is letting me draw a little bit!! i'm so lucky!!!! world's luckiest cartoon dog!!!

koda ✨ 175 days ago

teeth are repaired and wrist is starting to feel better!! maybe drawing before the new year is possible 👀

koda 🙃 177 days ago

chipped my molar lol.... oh well it was time to see a dentist soon anyway orz

koda 🍾 184 days ago

might be a minute before any new releases, I'm on break with my loved ones while my wrists rest!! happy yule!!

koda 🙂 199 days ago

wrist pain has yet to ease up. really thinking I may have injured them while cleaning and moving furniture. been trying to take it easy!

koda 🤒 205 days ago

yeah i definitely injured my drawing wrist :( gonna be wearing a brace & icing it today. kinda really bummed about it

koda 😭 206 days ago

bad pain flare up in my drawing wrist... worried I might have strained something while moving furniture. wanna draw but even typing hurts rn

koda 🤐 207 days ago

really wanna reorganize my homepage again at some point but it might just be another form of procrastination from other projects lol

koda 🥱 214 days ago

i'm so close to being done with most of the tasks i gotta finish up. i know i should be resting more but the final ✅ is so close.

koda 🥱 217 days ago

home cleaning + maintenance is just The Most. carpets were a mistake upon humanity

koda 🙂 219 days ago

having to take a short break from projects to do life maintenance but the power of greek yogurt blueberry pancakes will get me thru!!!!!!!

koda ✨ 224 days ago

ohh another day another huge project idea 💭

koda 👀 242 days ago


koda 🙃 248 days ago

lol this new project is almost done and I'm already anxious about people not caring about it or finding it contrived orz

koda ✨ 250 days ago

got two tattoos as a gift on Friday and I'm so excited for them to finish healing...!

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