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koda 🍏 192 days ago

apple cinnamon oatmeal w granola fixes everything I swear

koda 💾 207 days ago

"responsive" web design is a SCAM by BIG HTML to sell more STYLE SHEETS

koda 😱 209 days ago

now it's been a decade and I'm only doin featured upload of around 700 images and... it's taking forever i was right lol

koda 🙃 209 days ago

always put off uploading all my art to my own gallery because i thought it would take forever.

koda 😭 212 days ago

yard work,,, oof. my legs are Covered in spider bites 😢

koda 👀 214 days ago

making a lil dress up game.....

koda ✏️ 216 days ago

only JUST learned how to do a sudoku last week and solved my first one by myself!! I was put off by numbers for too long!!!!

koda 🔥 222 days ago

already feeling so much better! gonna set up a schedule for posting some of the backlog I've made!!

koda 🤒 224 days ago

sick again... last of the triad to get it. i've been so sleepy n achey, tho I'm comforted that it isn't the flu or covid at least

koda 📱 228 days ago

these status feeds are nice for posting to my sites, but most of my social media usage these days is gonna be tumblr & cohost.

koda 🤔 228 days ago

don't think I'll be joining any twitter alts. I'm still trying to get distance from birdapp.

koda 🎶 235 days ago

really missed concerts, saw one the other night (JAW & Mal Blum) with some of my partners. show was amazing!! so excited for the new album!

koda 🌧️ 243 days ago

more roboko & fluxblush coming soon - finally able to start drawing more again, just in time for a hurricane to hit the west coast. 💀

koda 🌧️ 279 days ago

been seeing doctors, appreciate the patience folks are gracing me with while I've had health complications & pain flare-ups

koda 🌈 321 days ago

happy pride month! itching to work on projects, but my hands won't let me work for more than 10min bursts. remember to take breaks!

koda 🤒 343 days ago

lotsa ideas for pages to make and fill with cool stuff but I've been rly sick lately & migraines keep me from focusing for long on anything.

koda 💤 353 days ago

been taking a break from making things to focus on life & health stuff!!

koda 🤒 373 days ago

recurring fevers. gonna take a break from work for a while

koda 🔥 378 days ago

eee my different hubs are all connected now!! I missed making web layouts so much.. it's kinda hard to not go overboard..💦

koda 🐶 382 days ago

OOO THE PAGES ARE COMIN TOGETHER!!! >:) just gotta get the side-hubs hooked up!!!

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