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A goddam prince.


knights 🎲 277 days ago

I guess the only thing left is revenge

knights 🐢 280 days ago

A mediocre person, deserving only of mediocre things…

knights πŸ’‘ 281 days ago

The problem… is me

knights πŸ’€ 283 days ago


knights 🌱 284 days ago


knights 🌧️ 285 days ago

Feeling undecided

knights πŸ€– 285 days ago

Techno sadness adventures with nginx πŸ₯΄

knights β›΅ 285 days ago

Always alone.

knights 🌈 289 days ago

Never alone.

knights ❀️ 296 days ago

Heart restart. πŸ«€

knights πŸ’‘ 318 days ago

I have fireflies where my caution should be

knights πŸ’” 319 days ago

I am in so much pain right now.

knights 🐱 324 days ago


knights πŸ€– 324 days ago


knights πŸ’” 331 days ago

Everyday I am asked to be brave.

knights 🌧️ 333 days ago

I can't go on, I must go on.

knights πŸ’” 334 days ago

β€œArt is long, life is short.”

knights 🌈 336 days ago

Collecting fonts, as we do…

knights ❀️ 337 days ago

Love it when we can pay our artists!

knights πŸ™‚ 338 days ago

Run the dishwasher twice

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